Monday, June 15, 2015

The Good Life, Korea Style, at POT at the Line Hotel

One of Edible Skinny’s favorite Koreatown hotspots for the perfect KTown dinner is the Line Hotel, POT at the Line Hotel to be specific.  
POT is Koreatown and Korean food through the eyes of an American with Korean blood, Roy Choi to be specific.  Choi famed for his Kogi food truck and Chef movie has noted he has had many addictions throughout life, and the one he has right now is feeding people.  As POT’s menu proclaims he’s “passionate about Hot pots, blood soups, frenetic energy, bbq.  It’s the late nights on the streets, it’s a joyous celebration of life.  Most of all, it’s good times and good food in the hood. “

Although the menu is very meat heavy (as is the world of Korean food in general...) the veggie dishes that POT does it does stupendously!  
Every Korean meal always starts with some fun banchan’s (aka panch'an).  Banchan (the word can be singular or plural) are small dishes of food served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine.  The most popular banchan is Kimchi.  Many Koreans don’t even consider a meal complete without Kimchi.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get their version of a full meal because  Kimchi is traditionally made with fish sauce, but  fortunately I was able to sample other banchan’s including their Cucumber and Daikon and their Namle Soybean.   Both were fantastic necessitating seconds!

POT’s menu proclaims “Tofu is Not Dead” and nowhere is this more true then in POT’s Cabbage Pot.   Composed of Soybean Paste, Veggies, Mori-Nu Tofu the taste is delicious, full of an umami richness that comes from a multitude of mixing flavors.  
POT’s pots come in a few sizes With a Friend/A Few Is More Than Two/Group Love, but if you ask very nicely they’ll make one individually for you.  Trust me, you should ask them…

Another fantabulous dish on the POT’s menu is their Barbeque Vegetable side dish.  Large veggies charred to perfection and topped with dried onions and sesames seeds.   It is dream dish for any vegetarian.  

So for the good life, Korea style, POT is a great place to discover the taste of life being delicious!

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