Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pizza dj-ing

Pizza Dj-ing

I just spent the weekend in the desert for Coachella and it was un-freaking believable!! The world's largest music festival will be exactly what you want it to be and for two gentlemen that meant dj-ing with baked goods and pizzas. And if there was ever an audience for that particular type of food/music mash-up it's at Coachella, so spin away guys!

Pizza Dj-ing 3

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How is This Possible? Veggie Grill's Crab Cake Sandwich

Veggie Grill Crab Cake

A couple of weeks ago I went to a tasting of the new menu items at Veggie Grill (the 100% plant-based comfort food restaurant). While we were waiting for our first item on the list, I informed my tablemates how I had walked away from Natural Products Expo West with the feeling that everyone was getting very close to the real deal in the world of plant based substitutes with things like chicken, but that nobody could master the art of seafood.

And within a minute I had to totally eat my words because Greg Dollarhyde, the CEO of Veggie Grill placed their new Crab Cake sandwich in front of me to taste.

I took a bite and the first words out of my mouth (honest, truly!) were: How is this possible?
Veggie Grill Crab Cake 2

A crispy “Crab” Cake with tangy tartar sauce, pickles, tomato, lettuce, and red onion along with a side of “sweetheart fries.” As a beach girl who grew up eating seafood in all forms (but the not the case anymore) I was totally hooked!

According to Dollarhyde the secret is a “certain type of seaweed adds the “seafood” umami to it.”
Veggie Grill’s constantly asking Americans to “taste and believe,” and after this experience I was totally a true believer. (And ended up going back less than two weeks later to experience it again!)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something to Check Out: Food Forward's Spring Melt on Saturday!

Hey Guys!
My friends over at the amazing non-profit FOOD FORWARD are having an awesome Grilled Cheese event this Saturday night Elysian in Silver Lake. If you're looking for a kickass amount of Grilled Cheese (and a kickass cause!) please consider checking them out! The Deets are below.

Sprint Melt Flyer

We are in the final days leading up to our SPRING MELT fundraiser and it’s the LAST CALL to purchase your ticket! With less than 20 TICKETS REMAINING, we hope you take the opportunity right NOW to PURCHASE your ticket to our fabulously exciting Fruit-Bash!!!

Elysian in Silver Lake
Saturday April 14th 7-11pm!

With the purchase of your ticket you can expect an AMAZING assortment of zesty entertainment, a full menu of gourmet grilled cheeses and delicious eats from Clementine + an open bar with beer from New Belgium Brewery, our famous Grapefruit Forward cocktail and wine pours from Jordan Winery.

The night is sure to be fun-filled, with comedianne extrordinaire Beth Lapides as our evening’s Mistress of Ceremonies. Bushels of entertainment will include everything from interactive visual environments by international video artist Jesse Gilbert, sets of juicy dance tunes spun by DJs Fucsia and Matt Franke, to rolling up your sleeves alongside Miss Rhea Purpose at her ridiculous DIY Kraft Korner, plus other zesty surprises!

There will be a shared abundance of door prizes throughout the night, and a not-so-silent auction as only Food Forward can do it - featuring a bounty of outstanding items for all checkbook sizes: temptations for foodies, book worms, wine snobs, movie buffs, health nuts, sports fans and so much more.

Don’t worry, we have parking covered too with free valet service all night.

Come support the work of Food Forward to harvest food, fight hunger & build community and have a juicy fun time while you’re at it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making Informed Food Decisions at ModernMom.com

Have an article on Making Informed Food Decisions: The GMO Labeling Movement on the homepage of Modern Mom today.

Here's just a tidbit:
ModernMom GMO Image

Making Informed Food Decisions: The GMO Labeling Movement

The demand to label GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is picking up steam in the United States, both on the state and national front.

Genetically Modified Organisms are experimental plants and animals that have been genetically engineered in a laboratory with DNA from other plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses.

GMOs exist for two main reasons:
1. Seed producers modify their seed to make them resistant to their brand of herbicide.
2. Seed producers modify plants to contain built-in pesticides.

As of 2010, GMOs constituted 86% of the Corn, 90% of the Canola, 93% of the Soy, and 93% of the Cotton grown in the U.S.

Although GMO ingredients are found in 80% of packaged foods in the U.S., they have not been proven safe as the long term consequences of GMOs on our health and environment have not been adequately investigated. 40 countries, including Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, Mexico, and all of the European Union nations, either have significant restrictions or outright bans on the production of GMOs because they are not considered proven safe.

Check out the entire article at http://www.modernmom.com/blogs/kat-thomas/making-informed-food-decisions-the-gmo-labeling-movement