Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Edible Skinny Does Angel City Brewery

Edible Skinny was lucky enough to do Angel City Brewery this weekend (our father the wannabe pirate Tony Thomas was in town!)

Angel City Brewery is an old-world, small-batch, craft brewery located in the heart of downtown LA.  Its wares are available in the greater LA area, as well as Las Vegas.  Founded in 1997, the brewery relocated to the historic John A. Roebling Building in the Arts District in 2010.  It’s been a DTLA staple ever since! 

While ACB our favorite beers included the tart and refreshing light-bodied wheat beer Berliner Weisse (which was perfect for someone looking for a girly beer aka ME) and the Coconut Marzen, a traditional malty lager where unsweetened, toasted coconut added to the mash to make for a tropical twist (Kelly’s BFF)!

Our visit was perfect timing as Angel City Brewery’s ‘What Would You Brew?’ contest is now open for public submissions. One lucky and creative winner will have the opportunity to brew their beer with the Angel City brew masters.

"What Would You Brew has been such a fun and challenging way to give the community a closer look and deeper appreciation for the art of brewing,” said Layton Cutler, brewer at Angel City Brewery. “The response has been fantastic, with really creative and complex entries. Bringing the winners into the brewery to actually make their dream beer come to life is really rewarding, for us and them.”

What Would You Brew 1 and 2 culled creative responses from across the Southland with contributors submitting hundreds of incredible recipes and stories. 2013’s top entry was a sweet and spicy Mexican Cola Beer from home brewer Emily Finch, and 2014’s winning entry was the intricate Desert Dreams by Lori Newman.

The prize package also includes a custom kegerator, case of pint glasses, tap handle, a tin tacker sign, and Angel City Brewery featuring the winning brew during LA Beer Week 2016.  Ideas can be submitted here: Entries will be accepted through September 30, 2015.

Here’s to life being delicious and crafting that perfect creative beer! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

'Urban Exposure' at the Garagiste Wine Festival

Edible Skinny was lucky enough to attend the largest gathering of California’s micro-production winemakers a few weeks ago at The Wiltern with the Garagiste Festival: Urban Exposure.
Garagistes (garage-east) is a term originally used in the Bordeaux region of France to denigrate renegade small-lot wine makers, sometimes working in their "garages" (anything considered not a chateau…), who refused to follow the “rules,” and is now a full-fledged movement responsible for making some of the best wine in the world.  The Garagiste Wine Festivals, which first exposed the American garagiste movement, are the only wine events that exclusively showcase ultra-premium, cutting-edge, micro-production commercial wineries that produce fewer than 1,500 (and many under 800) cases a year.  These are the up and coming rock stars of viticulture, the ones who are crafting with their passion for the art of wine.  

The Garagiste Festival: Urban Exposure was produced by Garagiste Events, a non-profit dedicated to furthering the education of future winemakers and those training for employment within the wine industry.  Proceeds from the festivals are donated to the Cal Poly Wine and Viticulture Program.

In addition to its flagship annual festival in Paso Robles, CA, the Garagiste Festival line-up includes Garagiste Festival: Southern Exposure, featuring Santa Ynez Valley garagistes; the L.A. based Garagiste Festival: Urban Exposure; garagiste mini-tastings presented from So Cal to Tahoe; and winemaker dinners.  The festivals were named one of the 'Top Nine Incredible Epicurean Vacations' in the world by ABC News, "one of the premier wine events of the year," by the LA Times and “Best Festival” by Sunset Magazine’s 'Best of the West.

The Wiltern was quite the fitting venue for the rock stars of winemaking all gathered together under its spectacular art deco roof.  With over fifty artisan garagiste winemakers pouring over 200 wines, this year's festival featured winemakers from across California, including Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez and SLO counties, Napa and Sonoma counties, and Paso Robles.  Artisanal LA was added to the celebration with a mini pop-up of a sampling of their best artisan food producers offering tastes of their healthy, local, sustainable and delicious edibles.

“We have always felt that finding undiscovered winemakers is like discovering a new band in a club before they have a hit record, so The Wiltern’s, which is considered one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the United States, rock and roll history is a perfect fit for these renegade, under-the-radar winemakers.  Plus, it is a stunning place,” said Doug Minnick Co-founder of The Garagiste Festivals.  “And, as our fans know, a really cool venue is an integral part of the garagiste experience. 

Among the over 50 winemakers Edible Skinny’s favorites at this year’s tasting at the Garagiste Festival included CODA, El Lugar Wines, Last Light Wine Company, Levo Wines, Rendarrio Vineyards, and Ryan Cochrane (some more info on these particular wines in an upcoming ES post!).

So big or small, here’s to life being delicious, and to rocking out!

Apparently Oil and Water Do Mix as Bulletproof Announces The Creation of FATwater

For most people certain things are supposed to be separated: Solange and Jay Z, cats and dogs, oil and water… but for Biohacker, bestselling author and Bulletproof Coffee CEO Dave Asprey the last one on that list is up for debate with the launch today of FATwater, an oil water fusion to biohack the body’s hydration and power your day.  

Bulletproof proclaims FATwater as the next generation of energy drinks: caffeine free, no artificial sweeteners, and only 20 calories.  FATwater contains patented nanoparticles of Bulletproof XCT Oil™, the most valuable Medium Chain Triglyceride fats (MCTs) found in coconut oil.  Your body easily absorbs these XCT Oil nanoparticles, which efficiently escort water into your body so you can experience extreme hydration.
“If you’re wondering, the answer is YES: oil and water do mix,” says Asprey. “People have rejected the low-fat dogma of the 1980’s because it doesn’t work.  FATwater leverages the power of fat from coconuts to drive hydration in a new way and disrupt an industry addicted to sugary drinks.  When you take control of your hydration, you perform better.”

Today’s FATwater announcement was made simultaneous to the announcement that Bulletproof has raised $9 million from Trinity Ventures, an early Starbucks and Jamba Juice investor, with plans to further expand the company, bringing the benefits of the Bulletproof lifestyle to the masses.

Bottled FATwater is available in the flagship Bulletproof Coffee café in Santa Monica and at Erewhon Markets.  Erewhon, a leader in natural grocery since 1968 was the first Bulletproof retail outlet on the west coast and is the exclusive FATwater launch partner. FATwater concentrate is available nationwide at

Monday, July 20, 2015

Pan-Latin Pop-Upping with Viento at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

Last week Edible Skinny was lucky enough to check out Viento, a Pan-Latin inspired pop-up restaurant at Breeze Restaurant at Century City’s Hyatt Regency Century Plaza! 

From Mexican to Argentine to Peruvian, the menu is a fusion of traditional Latin flavors with global food trends.   Incorporating key South American foods such as corn, ajis (peppers), guava, and coconut, Viento’s (which means breeze in Spanish) goal is to introduce the movers and shakers of FOX and CAA, the Hyatt Regency’s visiting guests, and Century City Mall shoppers to the world of Nuevo Latino.  
The complete transformation of the restaurant consists of new furnishings with a mid-century modern vibe, art by local artists, the addition of new communal tables, and a redesigned patio for outdoor dining.  By day, the traditional Breeze  sushi menu will remain unchanged, but at night, the entire menu will shift to Viento’s Pan-Latin offerings.

Viento’s dishes focus on fresh creative cocktails and farm-to-table tapas that recall the flavors of everywhere from Buenos Aires to Santiago.  My guest, the delightful carnivore Carl Hansen, enjoyed the Pork Belly Torta Sliders composed of Crispy Pork Belly, Curtido, Ciruela Jam, and Fresno Chiles and the Mini Duck Sopes with Epazote Bean Puree, Duck Mole, Cotija, Charred Onion Crema Fresca and Micro Arugula!

The Veg that I am, I dabbled with their Latin inspired Macaroni & Cheese consisting of Cheddar, Guajillo Sauce, and Crushed Fried Tostados.  To balance this richness, I also partook in their Fresh Salad offerings, which included a Chipotle Kale Caesar, comprised of Roasted Pepitas, Manchego, Avocado, and Tomato, and their Aztec Amaranth Salad, with Roasted Poblano, Red Onion, Cucumber, Tomato, and Cumin-Lime Dressing.  Once I was assured the Amaranth was just that and not fish roe (they look very similar…) I dived into the fresh exoticness of this healthy dish option!

Our favorite Pan-Latin libation was the Coconut Mojito concocted of Bacardi Coconut, fresh lime juice, and mint.  And for those who want to indulge in a more classic glass of Latin booze (since cocktails are really only an American concept according to Ruben Aceves Vidrio, Director of International Brand Development of Casa Herradura) there is the choice of a glass or a tour of premium Tequilas, including Herradura Seleccion, Cazadores Anejo, or a premium rum such as Mocombo 20yr or Brugall 1811.
In a city known for reinvention, Breeze will undergo an interior and culinary transformation every six months evolving into another PM dining destination! So make sure to catch Viento before it vanishes like the Mayan civilization!   

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Feature Documentary CAFFEINATED Opens Nationwide Today!

How much do you know about your morning brew?

Today marks the release of Caffeinated, a documentary about the story of coffee as seen through the perspectives of people who have dedicated their lives to this rocket fuel 

Edible Skinny recently screened Caffeinated, discovering how lacking we were on the Skinny on our morning Joe.  From seed to mug, coffee, and the process by which everyone's favorite brain juice is created, has shaped the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide.
Working with Geoff Watts, famous green-buyer, filmmakers Vishal Solanki & Hanh Nguyen travel to America’s most populous coffee-drinking cities and to producing countries, interviewing connoisseurs and farmers alike. 

With a focus on the social and cultural landscape of coffee, Caffeinated gives the coffee consumer unprecedented access to the farmers responsible for growing that perfect bean, and the producers responsible for brewing that perfect cup.

Some Fun Factoids (God, we Love Factoids!!!) that Edible Skinny learned along the way include:

        Coffee is related to stone fruits such as apricots, peaches, and plums.  

        Specialty Coffee, denoted as coffee of a certain caliber, was invented by Erna Knutsen in the early 1970s.  Erna was a secretary at a large coffee brokerage firm, during her time there smaller companies would call looking for high quality small batch beans.  Erna's employer didn’t see the purpose in dealing with these “micro-roasters” so they handed them off to her; she later founded Knutsen Coffees.   

        The Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious award given to a fine quality coffee.  During their selection process, thousands of cups are evaluated, tasted and scored based on their exemplary characteristics. The prices that these winnings coffees receive at auction have broken records and proven that there is a huge demand for these rare farmer identified coffees. 

Caffeinated opens nationwide TODAY and is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Xbox, Vudu and all major cable providers including Time Warner, Comcast, DirectTV and more.

For more information you can check out Caffeinated’s website at:

Monday, July 13, 2015

Greeting the Sun in Style with DAYBREAKER

How do greet the sun?  Well if you’re a DAYBREAKER then it’s by jamming out to the sounds by DJ Marques Wyatt while surrounded by hundred of your closest friends on the deck of a boat floating in the heart of Marina del Rey. That’s how you greet the sun!   

Edible Skinny was lucky enough to attend DAYBREAKER, the sunrise disco extravaganza last week!  The event, held on the California Hornblower, started with an early morning 5:30 yoga class followed by two hours of rocking it out to Wyatt, one of the cornerstones of the LA House scene.

DAYBREAKER isn’t the black and white world of dreary athletic treadmills that never take you anywhere.  Instead it’s the rainbow kaleidoscope of disco queens and kings, fresh beats, getting festooned with tribal markers, a roaming trumpet section, and grooving every which way to Sunday with a giant costumed sun.  The two hour, dry dance party is alcohol free but full of spirit, promoting love and mindfulness to give attendees an uplifting, energizing start to the day. 

The rock star morning movement has successfully moonwalked it’s way through New York, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco attracting people of all ages, occupations and backgrounds with it's new approach to fitness and fun.  Amsterdam, Atlanta, and Seattle are next on the list with plans to expand the network of DAYBREAKER parties globally.

Co-Founders Matthew Brimer and Radha Agrawal enthuse “DAYBREAKER is about dancing before daybreak with people we love; about curating a community of camaraderie, self-expression, wellness, and mischief."

So here’s to life being delicious, brushing off your best sailor girl costume, and greeting the sun in the style!


Friday, July 10, 2015

Some Stunning Pictures from Fumanelli's Cherry Party

Red is the color that makes people hungry.  Red instantly attracts attention, makes people excited, energetic, and increases the heart rate.
Italian Friend of Edible Skinny, Fumanelli Winery recently turned red to celebrate their Cherry Festival and the wines of the Valpolicella territory (that typically resemble the color, taste, and aromas of this summer fruit!). 

This year the guests were nearly 200 coming from over 16 different countries (including the fabulous Allison Levine of Please the Palate all the way from SoCal!) to celebrate the tradition of this half a millennial old winery.

The ladies in attendance were dressed in cerise and Valpolicella red, delighting the eyes and sparking the palate! 

Here’s the Life being Delicious and the art of wearing red!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Treehugger Living at the Walnut Residence with the LA Design Fest West Side Home Tour

Edible Skinny was at the Los Angeles Design Festival a few weeks ago and we saw some of the most visually stunning homes West of the 405 on their West Side Home Tour.  

One of these houses was the Venice located Walnut Residence designed by Modal Design.
This 2,700 square foot single family residence utilizes a backyard pine that is nearly five feet in diameter with a canopy over sixty feet across.  Rooted near the back and growing dead into the center of the lot, this pine tree was the most dominate feature of the site when planning the Walnut Residence.  

Thus Modal Design explored the space through the exterior of the structure itself, allowing for expression of the client’s character and taste as well as sculptural qualities of both nature and the architecture.  

Here’s to life being delicious and everything, including trees, being works of art!  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Finding Mindfulness with John Sahakian at Hotel Casa Del Mar and Shutters on the Beach

Stress has been called “the silent killer.”   The word finds its root in Latin (stringere: to draw tight) and conjures up the feeling of being sealed inside a plastic bag while having a herd of cats taunt you into an asthma attack. 

And with that in mind Hotel Casa del Mar and Shutters on the Beach recently debuted the ability to reconnect body and soul through group sessions with Santa Monica’s John Sahakian, a world-renowned meditation and stress-management guru (along with being an absolute dreamboat…).  

 Sahakian crafted AIRR (Automatic Integrative Relaxation Response) exclusively for both of these iconic Santa Monica beachfront hotels.  This mindfulness retreat is the perfect seaside sojourn for Los Angelenos as our fair metropolis is one of the top three most stressful cities in America (New York and Chicago also share our surging cortisol levels…). 

John Sahakian, C.Ht., is the founder of Three Circle Flow™ Hypnotherapy, along with being a certified yoga teacher, life strategist, and transformational breathing therapist, celebrated for blending age-old practices with contemporary, peer-reviewed scientific studies. 

Sahakian’s philosophy is that “peace is not about doing, it about being.   During a demonstration session that Edible Skinny experienced nestled in Casa Del Mar’s meeting room, Sahakian taught multiple exercises that guide you back towards a lifestyle path paved with peace and well being.

Both Hotel Casa Del Mar and Shutters on the Beach’s sessions offer a uniquely designed activity for corporate and leisure groups; from executives looking to bring mindfulness into their meetings to bachelorette parties that want more than shots of Patron surrounded by penis balloons.

Customized AIRR sessions, which can take place in the hotels’ meeting rooms, suites, poolside, or out on the beach, include instruction on principles of body, environment, and mind, as well as practicing a range of relaxation methods and breathing exercises.

Sahakian speaks of being present and learning to respond to stress and life’s challenges in a healthy, life-affirming manner.  “Most of the time we rely on default mechanisms, but if we slow our movement down substantially, through acts of meditation, we can over come our defaults.”  Sahakian suggests that one be mindful of all actions, no matter how mundane or routine, whether washing dishes, brushing teeth, or bringing the phone to our ear.  

Photo by Lisa Romerein
“Our awareness is like a beacon.   At our core or deepest level of being we experience either a feeling of safety or fear – that all our needs are being met in the moment, or the need to protect ourselves.   Comprehension and application of this principle to daily life enables you to realize that the experience of a psychological attack on you at an emotional level is not something to get upset over.”

So if it feels like those herds of kitties are constantly taunting, ask yourself what would John Sahakian do?  Then take that moment and recognize mindfulness starts within… but heading over to Casa Del Mar and/or Shutters never hurts either!

Here’s to appreciating every moment and that making life delicious!