Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #9 – Cleansing Inside and Out!

Looking for some last minute gifts that will get you ready for the blank slate of 2015?  How about some good old-fashioned cleansing, spiritually and physically!  And all for the bargain price of under $10.
For your soul I present Shaman Durek.  Shaman D is a Los Angeles based spiritual guide and gifted healer.  As a Shaman, he acts as mediator or “bridge” between the spiritual and physical planes, applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness and healing into people's lives.  Shaman Durek has been featured in Details, Daily Candy, LA Weekly, and on The E! Channel.  He travels around the world helping others (seriously Iceland, Turkey, Russia, NYC, and Los Angeles in the new few months) but if you’re not in one of those metropolitan cities for a session, you can do the next best thing which is listen to one of his $1.99 meditations!

And once you’re spiritually all clean, it’s time to move on to the physical.  Dessert Essence’s Peppermint Soap Bar ($4.99) energizes your skin and senses with rich-foaming Peppermint Oil and Australian Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil to thoroughly cleanse and soothe, while Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil nourish skin.  And these bars are free of guilt!  Free of EDTA, sulfates, glycols, artificial fragrances or colors, gluten free, vegan, and made with sustainable palm oil.  

Here’s to a brand new 2015!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Almost $3K Raised at the #BBRChipotleChallenge!!!

BBRer Asha Leo Trying Her First Hard Ever!
Super Talent Agency Brady, Brannon, and Rich (of which I also work in the Digital Media Department) held their first ever #BBRChipotleChallenge last Monday in the hope of raising $2,500 for the non-profit My Gym Challenged America Foundation (MGCA)Well I’m happy to announce we rose OVER our goal with the final tally at $2,889 (Almost $3K!!!) that will purchase wheelchairs, feeding tubes, and other assistive devices for children facing physical & cognitive challenges!!!

BBRer Shelley Phillips and her Magical Card!
All of this was made possible by BBRer Shelley Philips who was given one of their magic Burritos for Life card (actually for a year, but still super awesome!).  The card which entitles her to free Chipotle or ShopHouse Kitchen for a year along with two free catered events for 100 people.  Since Shelley is an awesome generous Do-Gooder, she donated one of her hosted events to BBR so we could do this fabulous fundraiser to help some amazing and courageous kids in need around the Holidays!

In attendance for the one hour only pay-what-you—can #BBRChipotleChallenge were over a 100 BBRers including Asha Leo’s, model and host of Refinery 29’sStyle of There, (who had her first hard taco ever!) and Tania Gunadi of Disney XD's Penn Zero: Part Time Hero and Enlisted.  Numerous other BBRers took up the call to arms online allowing at least five more kids the gift of mobility this Holiday season!

Delicious Chipotle!
Since its creation over 20 years Chipotle Mexican has made a commitment to Food with Integrity.  This means serving the very best sustainably raised food possible with an eye to great taste, great nutrition and great value.  Something the general public was clamoring for.  According to Fast Company, the company now has some 1,700 stores (up from 1,350 two years ago); revenue is $3.6 billion (up more than $1 billion over the same period of time).  The company’s advertising campaign The Scarecrow has been wining advertising awards left and right (and building amazing customer loyalty).  The online video and game about farmers and fresh food has become a best seller on the App Store, downloaded 700,000 times. 

Madyson (a Challenged America Recipient)
Brady, Brannon, & Rich is one of the largest commercial talent agencies in Los Angeles.  We have clients in every crevice of the commercial world  and dominate the Superbowl ads every year.  Along with our commercial department we also have a theatrical legit department that represents Broadway actors in hit shows such as Wicked, Side Show, Book of Mormon, Honeymoon in Vegas, and Pippin.  Our digital media department focuses on numerous social media project include this year’s 2014 BBRer Jingle Bells Medley, the internet hit SrirachaFood Fight, and the Do Good-er project Copy Cat Talent featuring adoptable kitten through Kitten Rescue LA!

A BBRer and Kat Thomas Dressed as an Elf (that's me!)
The My Gym Challenged America Foundation (MGCA) is committed to providing assistance and support to children with physical/cognitive challenges while promoting fitness and movement for children of all abilities and economic circumstances with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and fun. 

For those of you (and you know you’re reading this!) who would like to give some Holiday joy, but didn’t make it to the office, you can donate directly online:

(And if you do make sure to let us know via email or #bbrchipotlechallenge to your socials so we make sure thank you!!!)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #8 – Holman Ranch Olive Oil

Kelly enjoying some Holman Pinot!
It seems we’re definitely on a Vine to Vino reminiscing at the moment as our next item on our Spread the Warmth Gift Idea Guide is an olive oil we experienced while discovering Holman Ranch in the Carmel Valley.  

Located at the north eastern tip of the Carmel Valley Appellation, the family-owned Holman Ranch resides approximately 12 miles inland from the Pacific Coast. Immersed in history and romance, the ranch has not only proven to be an excellent growing location for their vineyards, but also for the Tuscan varietal olive trees which have flourished under the temperate climate.
While at Holman Ranch’s Carmel Valley Village tasting room we were also introduced to their amazing olive oil with its dark golden color, light grassy aromas, and creamy finish.  Organically estate-grown, hand-harvested, cold pressed and bottled this golden goodness is a labor of love for its winery.  

Holman Ranch’s grove is comprised of 100 Tuscan varietal trees with multiple cultivars planted. These cultivars consist of 25 Frantoio, 25 Leccino, 10 Mission, 25 Coratina, 5 Pendolino, and 10 Picholine.  An interesting fact is that olive trees are alternate bearing, which means that one year they may produce 650, 375ml bottles worth of oil, while next year they may produce only 50, bottles (which is the case this year!)

So grab a bottle for someone of this delightfully spicy and buttery goodness in a bottle!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Super Talent Agency Brady, Brannon, and Rich (of which I also work in the digital media department) will be holding their first ever #BBRChipotleChallenge on Monday for all those Do-Gooders out there!!!

Details are below!

Join us for lunch and let’s raise $2,500 for those in need

BBR is hosting a My Gym Challenged America fundraising event December 15th for one hour only!!!

We’ll be raising funds to purchase wheelchairs, feeding tubes, and other assistive devices for children facing physical & cognitive challenges.  Our goal for this event in $2,500 – every little bit helps!

So stop by BBR on Monday December 15th from 1pm-2pm, have lunch on us, & pay-what-you-can to help these amazing and courageous kids.

Food courtesy of Chipotle!

For those of you who would like to give, but can’t make it to the office, you can donate directly online:

(and if you do make sure to #bbrchipotlechallenge your donation on your social so we can thank you!!!)

Our address:
Brady, Brannon, & Rich
5670 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #7 – Alexander Valley Vineyards Wine

AVV Chardonnay and Gerwurz

Having Fun at AVV!!!
Edible Skinny Loves Alexander Valley Vineyards in so many ways!

Earlier this year we were able to experience their wines at their rustic Sonoma based tasting room, hike their lush grounds, and a spend a night on their estate (in an 18th century schoolhouse no less!!!) as part of our Vine to Vino Tour!  It was an amazing experience where we got to see every bit of their extensive dedication to winemaking!

Alexander Valley Vineyards is also one of the most Do-Gooder wineries we know!  They were super quick to donate to Pin-Ups for Vets “Evening with Bettie Page” event held a few weeks ago at the Creast Theater in Westwood! 

The Schoolhouse!!!
But besides the experiences Edible Skinny has had with Alexander Valley Vineyards the company, we’ve mostly enjoyed our experiences with their wine!  Of all our touring of the Sonoma and Carmel valleys with our Vines to Vino trip, Alexander Valley Vineyards was personally my favorite wines!  

The reasons for this run the gamut from the price point (most wines are under $20, and even their reserve wines are under $100) to their dedication to the environment through green winemaking to the Wetzel family living on the actual property and experiencing the winery day to day to the taste (deliciousness in all forms!). 

So if you’re looking for a great bottle of wine for a holiday party or gift we HEART AVV; Why don’t you?!?

(They are also running a special holiday deal at the moment where shippingis only $1)  Some of our favorites include:

2012 marks 35 years of Sin Zin at Alexander Valley Vineyards.  Their first vintage in 1978 was a family wine, which they bottled and shared with family and friends.  It was so popular they decided to make it a tradition!  This wine is 100% Zinfandel with aromas of spice, black pepper, dark fruits, and vanilla.   It’s a versatile wine that works great with anything from the casualness of pizza (pepperoni or Vegan) to the formalness of roasted turkey and grilled filet mignon. 
Miss Jovane Marie w/ some Sin Zin

2012 Temptation Zinfandel ($14)
This wine is my favorite of the Wicked Weekend (which includes the aforementioned Sin Zin, Temptation Zin, and finally Redemption Zin)!  A medium bodied wine that is full of the fruit forward flavors of plum, strawberry, cherries, and black pepper.  Plus with at $14 price tag this wine is an absolute bargain!

The Alexander Valley Vineyards estate is bordered by the Russian River Valley and since 1975 they have showcased this location with their Estate Chardonnay.   They harvest 70% of their Chardonnay grapes at night when the grapes are cool to retain their natural acidity.  They then cold ferment those lots in stainless steel without malolactic fermentation or barrel aging to highlight the citrus and green apple flavors. The other 30% is barrel fermented to give a hint of oakness to this rich white wine.

AVV’s Gewürz wine is harvested exclusively from a single small CCOF (“California Certified Organic Farmers”) vineyard about one hour north of the Alexander Valley Vineyards  estate, located in Mendocino’s cool growing region of Potter Valley.  This rugged location is the key to the great acidity of their Gewurztraminer grapes!   This wine is a refreshing glass of tropicalness with flavors of grapefruit, pear and minerality!  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #6 – A Great Ass from Pop Physique!

 So I’ve been a barre addict for the last six months.  These super specific classes focus on the teeny tiny muscles under your big muscles that lift and tone like no other!  A through the wonderful world of Groupon I’ve tried on many different studios but hands down Pop Physique is my absolute favorite!!!
Their philosophy is “an artistic approach to exercise.”  Their fleet of handpicked and personally trained instructors pairs graceful ballet moves with other low-impact exercises in order to chisel cores without injuring muscles.

Pop Physique takes their inspiration from Lotte Berk, who created the barre concept in London in the 50s to a modernized level that fits into every lifestyle. Lotte was a dancer who created a unique and fun class structure that was quick to show results.

Pop Physique workouts are intense enough to make muscles strong and supple, and engaging enough to keep brains from leaping out of the skull from boredom.   Classes are set to trendy sounds that are an eclectic mix of EDM and singer songwriters.  And pretty in pink resistance balls are a staple of these classes.

So give the gift of a great ass.  Because when it comes the stakes of looking good in a pair of jeans, Pop Physique is not merely exercise, it’s art.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #5 – New Year's Eve Plans

One of the biggest hassles after the Christmas gifting season is trying to figure out what everyone’s doing on December 31st!  So this year why not give the gift of New Year’s Eve plans?  Along with the gifts of class and style, it’s the ultimate present of peace of mind (and also all the time since you won’t have to discuss, and discuss, what you’re going to do)!

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #5 – New Year's Eve Plans  

TheFairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, a amazing friend of Edible Skinny, is all about having fabulous luxurious options to ring in 2015!  So dust off your most marvelous tuxedo and pick the one that’s right for you! 

FIG Restaurant, the seasonal bistro with an emphasis on organically grown and locally sourced ingredients, will be holding two festive seatings for dining on Wednesday December 31st!  The first will feature a 5 seasonal menu from FIG Restaurant.  The second seating will feature an extended 7 course menu AND enjoy a free flowing champagne service throughout the evening AND a snack bar after the ball drops to keep the party going.
$85 per person first seating, $124 per person later seating 
Welcome the New Year with an evening of live entertainment, a champagne & caviar bar, and an exclusive a la carte menu from Chef Yousef Ghalaini of FIG Restaurant.  Festive New Years Eve attire required.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #4 – Try Something Brew


This December: Try Something Brew

By Kelly Grace Thomas

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." And thanks to LA Beer Hop, now we can be both hoppy and safe. 
These days Angelinos of all ages and neighborhoods are flocking toward the city’s breweries and their delicious craft beer. However, as beer lovers know, the biggest downfall to enjoying a cold one or three is often the worry of how to get home. While LA has some of the most well-respected labels in the country, with breweries like Angel City, Golden Road, Smog City and Monkish, the drive (plus traffic) from point A to point B is enough to keep beer lovers from venturing outside of their designation driving zone.
Smog City

LA Beer Hop tours provide brewery tours of Los Angeles, Orange County and Long Beach, exploring locations all over greater LA. Each tour includes three destinations, with guided beer tours and tasting, as well as private and public transportation. And for those wanting to know a little more, at least one destination has a walkthrough tour where beer lovers can dive into the art of the craft.

LA Beer Hop tours offer three tour choices 1) South Bay which includes Monkish Brewing, Strand Brewing Co, El Segundo Brewing, Smog City Brewing, Beachwood Brewing and BBQ or Timeless Pints.  2) East LA which includes Eagle Rock Brewery, Golden Road Brewery, Angel City Brewery or Sunset Beer Company.  3) Long Beach which includes Beachwood Brewing, Timeless Pints, San Pedro Brewing and other locations.

LA Beer Hop public tours are 4-5 hours long and run from $65 Friday, Saturday or Sunday to $50 Monday through Thursday with a flight of beer is included at each location. Just buy a ticket online and they LA Beer Hop will pick you up at a designated metro station. Private tours are also provided to groups of 6 or more. Private tours run around the same duration, but will pick you up wherever you like. For more information or to book a tour visit labeerhop.com or call 323-928-2113.
Don't let distance get between you and your brew. Try LA Beer Hop, to sip cerveza in style for a stress free, brewery experience. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #3 – The Getaway Wine Weekend

The Thomas Gals at Hartford Family Winery
Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #3 – The Getaway Wine Weekend

Edible Skinny loves travel and adventure, especially when it involves wine country!  Earlier this year we experienced a fabulous trip to the Russian River Valley!  And because we have a most spectacular time we thought it would be a fabulous getaway wine weekend for our Spread the Warmth Gift Giving guide!

Raymond Rolander, a grinning bearded guy in pageboy cap, knows where to go and what to drink in the Russian River Valley.  Driving around wine country in his Nissan Cube, Sonoma Magazine referred to Raymond as “a one man Uber.”  A super smart native of Sonoma County, Raymond’s a former tasting room manager with a decade of bar work under his belt.  Rolander tailors all tours based on whatever you want in wine, experience, and location preferences in a fun and 100% worry free environment.  With a catchphrase of: local is knowledge, he specializes in access to small, off the beaten path producers of wine, cheese and olive oil while serving up a side order of local history!

Located in the tiny hamlet of Monte Rio (Population: 1,152,) the Rio Villa Beach Resort, is a Bed and Breakfast Inn located on a quiet bend of the famed banks of the Russian River.  Just moments away from the Sonoma Coast and over a hundred wineries, this quaint resort offers a variety of accommodations for couples, families and individuals traveling for relaxation or business.  Surrounded by majestic redwoods, the Rio Villa has a private beach that is totally bathed in sunshine.  The grounds are meticulously manicured and aglow with the color of flowers and the aroma of herbs.  Just next door and around the river bend is the Monte Rio public beach where canoes and kayaks can be rented.

Located in close by Guernville (Population: 4,534), Boon Eat + Drink is a modern California bistro.  Tiny, yet airy with tables composed from felled redwood trees, Boon is all about the blessings of simplicity.  Its simple menu is meant to show off produce from backyard garden and area farms.  Owner Crista Luedtke (who’s dog is the inspiration for the name of the restaurant) has her details in every nook and cranny of this minute restaurant that Food and Wine noted as one of the best restaurants in “America's Best Little Food Towns.”

So here's to Life Being Delicious!!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #2 - Be a Do-Gooder

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #2 - Be a Do-Gooder

‘Tis the season to give back! Be a rockstar to a non-profit by supporting while gifting! 

Since 2006 Pin-Ups for Vets has raised money for under-funded hospital programs that support America’s Veterans and recovering military service members.   

Their 2015 calendar is the 9th year the non-profit Pin-Ups For Vets has done their annual fundraiser Pin-Up calendar with each month displaying gorgeous pinup models in classic poses and locations.  This year features 12 exceptional Veterans, 9 women and 3 men who represent four branches of the military and who have all honorably served. 
And if want to be a double do-gooder you can donate a calendars for an active duty service member in Iraq or Afghanistan or to Vets in VA and military hospitals that Pin-Ups for Vets founder Gina Elise visits.

Food Forward rescues fresh local produce that would otherwise go to waste, connecting this abundance with people in need, and inspiring others to do the same.  They convene at private properties, public spaces, and farmers and wholesale markets to recover excess fruits and vegetables, donating 100% to local direct-service agencies who feed their community’s most vulnerable.  Combined, their diverse distribution partners provide food to over 100,000 clients a month across Southern California.
100% of their limited edition holiday gifts supports Food Forward's produce recovery and hunger-relief efforts.  Edible Skinny's favorite is the:

This awesome swinging do-gooder cocktail set includes:
        Food Forward Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker
        Fruitanthropy Etched Natural Wood Muddler
        Fruitanthropy Embroidered 100% Cotton Flour Sack Kitchen Towel (color may vary)
        Food Forward Artisanal Grapefruit Rosemary Simple Syrup
        Food Forward Hand-Crafted Cocktail Recipe (not pictured)