Wednesday, January 25, 2017

SM Observer Article: NSFW - The Best Adult Toys from this year's Oscars of Porn

Happy 2017 ES-ers!!!  Our Editor in Chief, Kat Thomas recently wrote an article for the Santa Monica Observer entitled NSFW - The Best Adult Toys from this year's Oscars of Porn.

Check it our below!

Saturday wrapped up the last day at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino at the AVN Awards aka the "Oscars of Porn"! You've heard it before: Sex Sells... in a BIG way!
The adult entertainment business is estimated to bring in around $13.3 billion annually in the United States. 25% of all search engine requests are adult entertainment related, in case you were wondering this translates into 68 million requests a day!

The awards run tangent with the AVN Novelty Expo which is the adult industry's premiere B2B event. The AVN Novelty Expo brings together the latest and greatest items from a wide range of cutting edge companies such as toys, lingerie, lotions, sex furniture and other novelty items.

At the AVN Novelty Expo there something for everyone... And for that reason here are some of the Best Adult Toys of 2017!

For Your Loved One Who Wants to Be Punished - Leather By Danny's Split Thumper - Leather By Danny was started in the 1990s with the purpose of sharing Danny's love of bondage and BDSM leather goods handcrafted by artisans. One of their most popular items is LBD's Split Thumper, a leather striking toy that is designed to give more thud than sting. One of the coolest things about this thumper is that on the inside of the handles there are two strong magnets that hold the handles together while being used as a striking toy but can be separated to be used as a come-along (a device used to pull your playmate into the bedroom with you. Thank you Sir (or Mistress), May I have another? $110

For Your Speed Racer – Motorbunny –This device goes all the way to 11! Motorbunny is a straddle-style personal pleasure machine designed to deliver orgasms, with or without a partner. You plug it in, chose an attachment, and hop on! The Bluetooth capable Motorbunny twirls, buzzes, and vibrates mimicking cowgirl-style sex. And there's no reason guys should save its powerful motor for the ladies. The Motorbunny Jiggle Butt is the industry's first saddle vibrator attachment for men. Hop on to see for yourself! $899

For Your Game of Thrones Lover - Bad Dragon – What's your fantasy?!? Bad Dragon sells a variety of sex toys, dildos, masturbators, and adult accessories based on fantastical creatures! Founded in 2008 out of a desire and love for all things fantasy these toys offer magic like elements such as stalagmite shapes, sea monster tentacles, and a rainbows of colors. Bad Dragon also offers suction cups which will keep you sticking around for a long time to come. This feature allows you to mount their products on almost any surface such as chairs, tables, walls, and floors. Something might be coming other than winter... $55-$240

At the AVN Novelty Expo there something for everyone
For Your Inner Fifty Shades - Adam and Eve's Fifty Shades of Darker Clitoral Vibrator – Approved by Fifty Shades author EL James this clitoral vibrator will tickle your bits with 12 tingling vibration modes. Made from smooth and body safe silicone the Fifty Shades of Darker Clitoral Vibrator is great for foreplay with a partner or solo fun. The small massager fits easily in your hand, making it easy to hide at home or carry in your luggage on a trip. And even if someone does find it, the massager looks nothing you're your typical sex toy. Oh and it's also waterproof for wet and wild fun as well as easy cleaning. ). Mister Grey will see you now! $69.99

For Your Inner Child: Teddy Love – Absolutely the cutest and function sex toy you'll ever get for your honey! ;-) Teddy Love keeps you warm and satisfied on those long lonely nights. Teddy Love is a unique, discreet, teddy bear sexual toy that provides hours of pleasure through its dual, vibrating mechanism. Teddy Love has soft fur, twinkly eyes and is ohhhh... so cuddly. Available in Teddy, Teddy in a Tux, and BDSM Teddy. Let playtime begin! $39.95

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

SM Observer Article: Hack 2017 With These Adult Toys!

Happy 2017 ES-ers!!!  We can't wait to make every day of this year full of moments that are postcard worthy!

Our Editor in Chief, Kat Thomas recently wrote an article for the Santa Monica Observer entitled Hack 2017 With These Adult Toys!  

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Hack 2017 With These Adult Toys!

As we finish out 2016, a great way to forget all of the hatred we're expounding about this year on social media is to invest from some toys to hack 2017! As every parent knows the perfect toy can distract even the crankiest of kids. So here's a couple of items to help you forget and look forward to a life changingly awesome year ahead that was nothing like this year (no pressure 2017...)!

Deck of Scarlet
A sister company of Scentbird, the makeup subscription service Deck of Scarlet launched its first makeup palette just in time for the holiday season! Deck of Scarlet delivers a different makeup palette to your door every other month that was crafted in collaboration with a popular YouTuber. Each cruelty free, paraben free palette comes with eight or nine makeup products and YouTube tutorials to see each palette's range! ($29.95)
Nest 'Smart Learning' 3rd Generation Thermostat
As we enter 2017 every thrifty Silicon Beachy techie should have a smart thermostat! Hooked up to Wi-Fi and Alexa, Nest will learn your comfort patterns and keep your temperature efficient and your bills low. You can turn it on and off via its app so you'll always come home to a warm or cool house depending on which spouse is in charge of the app! ;-) ($250)

Flight 001's "I Sleep With Strangers" Eye Mask
Flight 001's exclusive "I Sleep With Strangers" printed eye mask ensures plenty of in-air shut-eye while still keeping a sense of humor. The light eliminating insert provides extra coverage across your nose bridge while wide elastic straps and velvety lining ensure crease-free comfort! ($24)

Yohola Cork Yoga Mat
Yes, this was also featured in our Holiday gift giving guide but we can't get enough of this cork based yoga mat! This mat increases grip the more your sweat so sliding all over the Vinyasa floor is a thing of the past! Plus Yohola's yoga mats are eco-friendly as they contains no PVCs, harmful chemicals, and all of their mats are 100% recyclable. Our favorite is the brand's Native Cork Yoga Mat, lightweight and comfortable, this mat is great for the yogi-on-the-go. The Native's innovative, durable design features a thick layer of cork backed by a non-toxic, Green Label compliant foam. ($119)