Thursday, July 3, 2014

European Craft meets Funky Fusion with Alcove Chocolate

Edible Skinny was recently introduced to the whimsical wheelhouse dozen of Alcove Chocolate.  Alcove’s twelve confectionary delights are delightful in quality ingredients, flavor profile style, and packaging that steals the eye with its whimsical design based on 1960s mod wit.

Crafted chocolatier specialist and entrepreneur, Tom Trellis, reveals Alcove Chocolate's diverse palate of tastes, which incorporate various fruit zests and unconventional spices into 12 powerful chocolate combinations.  These ingenious creations have placed Alcove Chocolate as the frontrunner of the Southern California boutique chocolate movement (when I tried to grab one at Kitson in Santa Monica they were sold out of most flavors)!

Palette profiles include Red Velvet - a smooth milk chocolate layered with flavors of cheesecake frosting and chocolate cake (it’s like biting into the game Candyland!), Fleur de Sel - a dark chocolate temptation of 64% cacao complimented with sea salt, and the Fleur de Pretzel - rich milk chocolate paired with New York pretzels and enrobed in swirls of Fleur de Sel sea salt.

Riding on the heels of his highly successful Los Feliz eatery Alcove Café and Big Bar, Tom Trellis was inspired to immerse himself in the science of chocolate and figure out how to create some of the best chocolate in L.A. 

"I was fascinated by how strongly people around the world revered chocolate," explained Trellis.  "That obsession, plus the unique prospect of chocolate as a new business venture, inspired my creation of Alcove Chocolate."

In 2008, he launched Alcove Chocolate amidst a budding trend in boutique confections popping up in SoCal.  Trellis diligently honed his expertise and incorporated European chocolate with blends of unique ingredients to produce 12 clever and creative creations (six dark chocolate, six milk chocolate) that span a palate of sweet, savory, and everything in between.  

Along with being delicious, Alcove Chocolate boasts a one-year shelf life, does not contain any harmful preservatives, and is certified 100% kosher.  It is manufactured in an environmentally responsible facility utilizing co-generated power and recyclable materials.

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