Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Veggie Revolution Imaginé par Joël Robuchon

The veggie revolution has happened and it's come from the mind of Joël Robuchon at his MGM Grand eatery Joël Robuchon Restaurant in Las Vegas

Chef Joel Robuchon was inspired to create his first 16 course Vegetarian Tasting Menu not only because his philosophy has always been to feature the freshest seasonal produce, but also because he is aware of the importance of a well balanced diet laden with vegetables (‘cause Veggies Rule!). 

Through his globe trotting travels, Robuchon has seen vegetarian cuisine as an emerging trend worldwide and has been working to offer more vegetarian based items.  With so many wonderful dishes to devise from these hearty green ingredients there is no need to be limited to a simple salad! 

“Vegetarian cuisine is slightly cutting edge,” noted Robuchon.  “Finding ways to produce simple but great tasting dishes that awaken the palate and make this type of dining experience just as invigorating and adventurous as a meat-based diet is not only fun, but important.”

And with dishes such as La Symphonie aux Saveurs de Printemps (a bouquet of cauliflower cooked slowly with curry and lemongrass emulsion, mushroom ravioli, potato puree topped with Blue Mountain coffee) and L’Aubergine (Eggplant puree with cumin and a lemon confit), I’ll have no problem being drafted ! 

Trés Yummm!!!

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