Saturday, March 22, 2014

Best of the Fest #3: BlueAvocado (Re)zip

Our third pick for Best of the Fest at the Natural Products Expo West is BlueAvocado’sfamily of (re)zip reusable storage bags. Started in Austin, Texas in 2008, BlueAvocado was founded by Melissa Nathan, Paige Davis, and Amy George, who were driven by their desire to address the growing clutter and environmental problems caused by the use of disposable, non-recyclable, plastic bags and chose to create a stylish, convenient alternative.

BlueAvocado products minimize the use of disposable bags and exemplify the company's commitment to smart solutions for life’s throwaway problems. These storage bags replace disposable plastic baggies used for snacks, sandwiches, travel, and home organization. 

Using one (re)zip at least twice a week can eliminate +100 disposable plastic baggies annually.  Their (re)zips are constructed to be machine washable (just make sure to line dry).  They can also be used as a TSA Compliant Reusable Travel Bag.

The company's vision includes a commitment to empowering consumers to reduce their carbon footprints and invest in the dreams of global women micro-entrepreneurs (1% of the company's sales are donated to a variety of organizations including and Whole Planet Foundation).

The company collaborates closely with a manufacturer in China (the world's largest manufacturer of recycled products) to ensure that environmental, health, safety and labor requirements are met.  BlueAvocado continues to seek out local suppliers as well.  The company partners with BeGreenNow, the carbon offset division of Green Mountain Energy, to verify the carbon footprint calculations that can be found on the label of all BlueAvocado products.

BlueAvocado introduced two new production additions to its (re)zip family of products at the Natural Products Expo West this year: the (re)zip seal and the (re)zip volume.  Both are patent pending innovations featuring a unique leak proof double-lock closure that seals in freshness.

BlueAvocado can be found at a variety of retailers such as: the Container Store, Target, and Whole along with online

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