Friday, March 21, 2014

Best of the Fest #2: Massel Bouillon Cubes

Massel bouillon cubes, seasoning granules, Concentrated Liquid Stock and gravy mixes are an Australian institution for 30 years (they’re the #1 Bouillon in the Land Down Under) that just happen to also be Vegan!
And here’s the crazy Auh-part using all natural ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, extra virgin olive oil and pure sea salt from the Great Southern Ocean (apparently the cleanest ocean in the world) they are able to make something that tastes exactly like chicken or beef. Whoot whoot!!!

Massel ticks off all the boxes for people with dietary restrictions, lifestyle choices, or religious beliefs that impact what they put in their mouth.  All Massel products are: Gluten-free, All natural ingredients, Vegan, No added MSG, GMO-free ingredients, Cholesterol-free, Preservative-free, Suitable for people with Celiac disease, Kosher certified, Lactose-free, Trans fat-free, less salt.  Whoot whoot again!!!

When Massel’s founder, Frank Massel, made his first batch of stock in 1982, he wanted to make a delicious, healthy, affordable stock that could be used by everyone regardless of dietary restriction, religious belief or lifestyle choice.  But most of all he wanted to make an instant stock that tasted as delicious as his wife’s homemade stock.

He had three founding principles.

1.    Vegetable based products are better and healthier

2.    Vegetable based products are not just for vegans and vegetarians. They’re better for everyone and they can be just as tasty as a meat based equivalent. Tastier even!

3.    Affordable vegetable based products are the way of the future. They make sense for us all for our health, for our planet and for our pockets!
At this year’s Natural Products Expo West Massel was introducing their delicious new Concentrated Liquid Stock (in Chicken, Veggie, and Beef).  Each little pouch of Concentrated Liquid Stock makes two quarts of fresh bouillon, and costs around the same as just one quart of conventional liquid stock.  Uses include: making soups and stews Great, that added Oomph in  marinades, and giving stir fries that Wow factor.  Already the best-selling Concentrated Liquid Stock in Australia, you can now buy this great new product in America in places like Gelson’s and Bristol Farms!  Whoot whoot!!!

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