Friday, August 7, 2015

The Funk Zone: The Perfect Santa Barbara Getaway


Edible Skinny was in Santa Barbara this week prepping for Pin-Ups on Tour Operation Santa Barbara show next week at the Santa Barbara Veterans Building to benefit the award winning non-profit Pin-Ups for Vets!  And boy we’re glad we took the drive up the coast!  

While there Miss Julia Reed Nichols and I sneaked away for a bit to make sure to get in our SB Getaway time by sampling some of the food and wine from Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone!

The Funk Zone of Santa Barbara is an eclectic mix of artists, cafes, wineries, cabinetmakers, museums, bakeries, and small shops blocks away from the water.  The ambiance reflects a simpler time; largely lacking cohesion is what makes this part of town unique in an otherwise homogenous world.   You never know what surprise awaits you down the alley or just painted on the wall in front of you.

Our first stop was The Blue Door, an adorable little shop carrying vintage and modern collection of furniture, artwork, clothing, and accessories.  While in their groovy store we came across some fabulous vintage peekaboo cocktail glasses!  On one side were pretty pinup pictures and on the other side there was a keyhole with a more naughty shot of the model’s backside! Yowza!!!
Afterwards we strolled over to Oreana Winery, a ten year old winery housed in a former tire shop.  The winery made miley face wines (aka Project Happiness) for Trader Joes for years before segueing into a more boutique label (most of their varietals run between 200-300 cases in size)!

The name Oreana comes from the grand ranching days of California’s Central Coast.  Oreana is a term used by cattle ranchers for an unbranded calf that strays onto your property and is therefore yours to keep.  Oreana the winery likes to think of it as found treasure or the renegade spirit of this beautiful region and the wines they produce here.
Our favorites among their tasting flight including their Verdelho, a varietal that was once Portugal’s flagship white wine, but centuries of market trends left it nearly extinct.  It’s a mouthful of tropical fruit and guava and is the perfect pairing for some late afternoon Thai food!  We were also partial to the 2013 Syrah, which carefully walked the line of earth and smoke, on a tightrope of a hint of cherry! 

Afterwards Julia and I strolled over to Lucky Penny and shared a summer Popsicle!  Delish!!! Lucky Penny is a stand-alone restaurant bedecked in thousand of coin pennies specializing in local, seasonal wood-fired pizza, salads and sandwiches.  Their mornings feature artisan coffee drinks, house made pastry and wood-fired baked eggs.
With Popsicle flavors such as Caramelized Pineapple, Blueberry Orange Blossom, and Strawberry Buttermilk we knew we were in for a treat!  We decided on Coconut and revealed in every lick of this creamy summer delight speckled with flakes of hand toasted coconut!  

So if you’re looking for the perfect summer getaway that offers the best of what’s out there in the world of design, wine, and frozen delights the Funk Zone is the place to go!  Plus, it’s within walking distance of Pin-Ups on Tour Operation Santa Barbara show on Friday August 14th at the Santa Barbara Veterans Building! ;-)

Here’s to life being delicious and your Popsicle being cold and creamy!  

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