Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gottegrisar, a LA Swedish Candy Institution!

When I was in the college I dated a lovely gentlemen from Sweden!  During our courtship my roommates were constantly buying me Swedish fish as a joke.  If only Gottegrisar was around then…

Gottegrisar is a Los Angeles based bulk candy store that sells quality confection made exclusively in Sweden to the US market.   And these aren’t America’s versions of Swedish Fish!  Gottegrisar Swedish based wares are GMO, transfat, and corn syrup Free. 

Choices at the Pico Fairfax location include Bildäck, aka salty and chewy licorice tires, Colabåta, aka Cola Boats, and Sorbisar, aka sour Licorice and Raspberry Gummies.

So if you’re looking to extend your world of Scandinavian candy beyond Swedish Fish Gottegrisar is ticket to licorice tires and cola boats!

Here’s to life being delicious and candy to always being exotic!

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