Friday, August 14, 2015

The 168-Year-Old Old Moisturizer with Thayers Natural Remedies

Edible Skinny LOVES unchapped lips!   We LOVE finding the perfect lip balm that allows our puckers to stay moist during these hot dry days of August, especially for those late night smooching sessions!  

So when we recently ran out of our standard Burt Bees chapstick and came across a product sample from Thayers Natural Remedies in our dresser drawer, by way of the Natural Product Expo in March, we were totally game! 

And all we can say is WOW!!!

Like an ice cream cone for your lips, Thayers Organic Vanilla Bean Slippery Elm Lip Balm offers creamy, dreamy protection against dry and windy weather, slaking your lips' thirst for moisture.  Slippery Elm's moisturizing power is a natural wonder-and your best friend in harsh weather (like August desert heat).  Certified Organic Slippery Elm speeds natural, hydrating relief to the most vulnerable skin on your face, healing chapped, cracked, peeling lips and restoring your radiant smile. 

Thayers Natural Remedies began in 1847, when Henry Thayer M.D., opened a laboratory on Main Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts to produce his newly developed line of herbal extracts for sale to the medical profession.  The company, prospered and broadened its line of products and has been described as the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in America at the time of the Civil War.  The 168-year-old company is now the standard in the world of natural remedies.

Thayers throat remedies such as their Sugar-Free Dry Mouth Spray Citrus Flavor and Original Slippery Elm Lozenges have been a source of oral relief since 1847.  Their original Slippery Elm Lozenges deliver healing, protective, natural comfort to the throat and mouth without menthol (that are also vegan-friendly) have been used on television shows such as The Voice and American Idol and have a celebrity following including Justin Timberlake and Sting.

So if you’re searching for moisturize, either inside or outside the mouth look no further than the 168-year-old company of Thayers Natural Remedies. 

Here's to life being delicious and lips always being moist enough for puckering up!

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