Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Feature Documentary CAFFEINATED Opens Nationwide Today!

How much do you know about your morning brew?

Today marks the release of Caffeinated, a documentary about the story of coffee as seen through the perspectives of people who have dedicated their lives to this rocket fuel 

Edible Skinny recently screened Caffeinated, discovering how lacking we were on the Skinny on our morning Joe.  From seed to mug, coffee, and the process by which everyone's favorite brain juice is created, has shaped the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide.
Working with Geoff Watts, famous green-buyer, filmmakers Vishal Solanki & Hanh Nguyen travel to America’s most populous coffee-drinking cities and to producing countries, interviewing connoisseurs and farmers alike. 

With a focus on the social and cultural landscape of coffee, Caffeinated gives the coffee consumer unprecedented access to the farmers responsible for growing that perfect bean, and the producers responsible for brewing that perfect cup.

Some Fun Factoids (God, we Love Factoids!!!) that Edible Skinny learned along the way include:

        Coffee is related to stone fruits such as apricots, peaches, and plums.  

        Specialty Coffee, denoted as coffee of a certain caliber, was invented by Erna Knutsen in the early 1970s.  Erna was a secretary at a large coffee brokerage firm, during her time there smaller companies would call looking for high quality small batch beans.  Erna's employer didn’t see the purpose in dealing with these “micro-roasters” so they handed them off to her; she later founded Knutsen Coffees.   

        The Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious award given to a fine quality coffee.  During their selection process, thousands of cups are evaluated, tasted and scored based on their exemplary characteristics. The prices that these winnings coffees receive at auction have broken records and proven that there is a huge demand for these rare farmer identified coffees. 

Caffeinated opens nationwide TODAY and is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Xbox, Vudu and all major cable providers including Time Warner, Comcast, DirectTV and more.

For more information you can check out Caffeinated’s website at: http://caffeinated.vhx.tv

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