Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Finding Mindfulness with John Sahakian at Hotel Casa Del Mar and Shutters on the Beach

Stress has been called “the silent killer.”   The word finds its root in Latin (stringere: to draw tight) and conjures up the feeling of being sealed inside a plastic bag while having a herd of cats taunt you into an asthma attack. 

And with that in mind Hotel Casa del Mar and Shutters on the Beach recently debuted the ability to reconnect body and soul through group sessions with Santa Monica’s John Sahakian, a world-renowned meditation and stress-management guru (along with being an absolute dreamboat…).  

 Sahakian crafted AIRR (Automatic Integrative Relaxation Response) exclusively for both of these iconic Santa Monica beachfront hotels.  This mindfulness retreat is the perfect seaside sojourn for Los Angelenos as our fair metropolis is one of the top three most stressful cities in America (New York and Chicago also share our surging cortisol levels…). 

John Sahakian, C.Ht., is the founder of Three Circle Flow™ Hypnotherapy, along with being a certified yoga teacher, life strategist, and transformational breathing therapist, celebrated for blending age-old practices with contemporary, peer-reviewed scientific studies. 

Sahakian’s philosophy is that “peace is not about doing, it about being.   During a demonstration session that Edible Skinny experienced nestled in Casa Del Mar’s meeting room, Sahakian taught multiple exercises that guide you back towards a lifestyle path paved with peace and well being.

Both Hotel Casa Del Mar and Shutters on the Beach’s sessions offer a uniquely designed activity for corporate and leisure groups; from executives looking to bring mindfulness into their meetings to bachelorette parties that want more than shots of Patron surrounded by penis balloons.

Customized AIRR sessions, which can take place in the hotels’ meeting rooms, suites, poolside, or out on the beach, include instruction on principles of body, environment, and mind, as well as practicing a range of relaxation methods and breathing exercises.

Sahakian speaks of being present and learning to respond to stress and life’s challenges in a healthy, life-affirming manner.  “Most of the time we rely on default mechanisms, but if we slow our movement down substantially, through acts of meditation, we can over come our defaults.”  Sahakian suggests that one be mindful of all actions, no matter how mundane or routine, whether washing dishes, brushing teeth, or bringing the phone to our ear.  

Photo by Lisa Romerein
“Our awareness is like a beacon.   At our core or deepest level of being we experience either a feeling of safety or fear – that all our needs are being met in the moment, or the need to protect ourselves.   Comprehension and application of this principle to daily life enables you to realize that the experience of a psychological attack on you at an emotional level is not something to get upset over.”

So if it feels like those herds of kitties are constantly taunting, ask yourself what would John Sahakian do?  Then take that moment and recognize mindfulness starts within… but heading over to Casa Del Mar and/or Shutters never hurts either!

Here’s to appreciating every moment and that making life delicious!

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