Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Exotic Eggs of De-La Ranch!

Edible Skinny was at the Mar Vista Farmers Market last Sunday and we were delighted to discover the world of De-La Ranch's exotic eggs!

Located in Lake Elsinore, California De-La Ranch is a small sustainable family farm that focuses on farm fresh meat and fowl.   Along with your classic chicken, the farm also sells duck, quail, goose, and guinea fowl eggs (it produces around 200 of those little buggers a day).  After some consideration we bought both turkey and duck eggs from Farmer Dave. 

Turkey eggs have a solid yolk and a grainy shell (it feels like sandpaper on the outside) that is specked.  Turkey eggs used to be more popular to the American diet (remember the turkey was almost our national bird...).   Turkey egg omelettes were a regular offering at Delmonico’s restaurant and Victorian celebrity chef Alexis Soyer believed them to be superior in baked goods recipes than chicken eggs. 

But our absolute favorite were the duck eggs!  Their yolks are ginormous and they have a richer nutrient level (more protein and fat) making them creamier than any other egg out there!   Duck eggs have a smoother thicker shell than turkey and chicken (seriously it took forever to break them!)  They make the most delicious over easy eggs you have ever had (especially when paired with Hepp’s Black Truffle Salt).  

So if you’re looking to make your breakfast exotically delectable perhaps it’s time to swing by the Mar Vista Farmers Market and see Farmer Dave!  

Here’s to life being delicious!

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