Friday, May 1, 2015

Healthy Cleansing with Pacifica's Coconut Wipes

For a female one the surest signs the day has come to an end is when we start wiping away the layers of makeup caked on our skin.   And what better way to do this with a biodegradable towelette from Pacifica?

Last year Edible Skinny’s Best of Fest for the Natural Products Expo West included Pacifica’s new makeup line and this year we’re in Love again!  This time it's with their Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes!  

These super soft coconut water infused towelettes cleanse your face while removing toxins, oils, pollutants, and make-up your skin without water.  Papaya, a natural exfoliant, helps revive skin and remove dead cells.  Aloe Vera and Calendula soothe and calm.  Along with all these great non chemically ingredients the wipes also smell amazing and are vegan!

We’re raving for a right reason as these are Pacifica’s most popular item. 

Packs of 30 are available for $6 at Target and on Amazon

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