Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #6 – A Great Ass from Pop Physique!

 So I’ve been a barre addict for the last six months.  These super specific classes focus on the teeny tiny muscles under your big muscles that lift and tone like no other!  A through the wonderful world of Groupon I’ve tried on many different studios but hands down Pop Physique is my absolute favorite!!!
Their philosophy is “an artistic approach to exercise.”  Their fleet of handpicked and personally trained instructors pairs graceful ballet moves with other low-impact exercises in order to chisel cores without injuring muscles.

Pop Physique takes their inspiration from Lotte Berk, who created the barre concept in London in the 50s to a modernized level that fits into every lifestyle. Lotte was a dancer who created a unique and fun class structure that was quick to show results.

Pop Physique workouts are intense enough to make muscles strong and supple, and engaging enough to keep brains from leaping out of the skull from boredom.   Classes are set to trendy sounds that are an eclectic mix of EDM and singer songwriters.  And pretty in pink resistance balls are a staple of these classes.

So give the gift of a great ass.  Because when it comes the stakes of looking good in a pair of jeans, Pop Physique is not merely exercise, it’s art.

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