Monday, December 22, 2014

Almost $3K Raised at the #BBRChipotleChallenge!!!

BBRer Asha Leo Trying Her First Hard Ever!
Super Talent Agency Brady, Brannon, and Rich (of which I also work in the Digital Media Department) held their first ever #BBRChipotleChallenge last Monday in the hope of raising $2,500 for the non-profit My Gym Challenged America Foundation (MGCA)Well I’m happy to announce we rose OVER our goal with the final tally at $2,889 (Almost $3K!!!) that will purchase wheelchairs, feeding tubes, and other assistive devices for children facing physical & cognitive challenges!!!

BBRer Shelley Phillips and her Magical Card!
All of this was made possible by BBRer Shelley Philips who was given one of their magic Burritos for Life card (actually for a year, but still super awesome!).  The card which entitles her to free Chipotle or ShopHouse Kitchen for a year along with two free catered events for 100 people.  Since Shelley is an awesome generous Do-Gooder, she donated one of her hosted events to BBR so we could do this fabulous fundraiser to help some amazing and courageous kids in need around the Holidays!

In attendance for the one hour only pay-what-you—can #BBRChipotleChallenge were over a 100 BBRers including Asha Leo’s, model and host of Refinery 29’sStyle of There, (who had her first hard taco ever!) and Tania Gunadi of Disney XD's Penn Zero: Part Time Hero and Enlisted.  Numerous other BBRers took up the call to arms online allowing at least five more kids the gift of mobility this Holiday season!

Delicious Chipotle!
Since its creation over 20 years Chipotle Mexican has made a commitment to Food with Integrity.  This means serving the very best sustainably raised food possible with an eye to great taste, great nutrition and great value.  Something the general public was clamoring for.  According to Fast Company, the company now has some 1,700 stores (up from 1,350 two years ago); revenue is $3.6 billion (up more than $1 billion over the same period of time).  The company’s advertising campaign The Scarecrow has been wining advertising awards left and right (and building amazing customer loyalty).  The online video and game about farmers and fresh food has become a best seller on the App Store, downloaded 700,000 times. 

Madyson (a Challenged America Recipient)
Brady, Brannon, & Rich is one of the largest commercial talent agencies in Los Angeles.  We have clients in every crevice of the commercial world  and dominate the Superbowl ads every year.  Along with our commercial department we also have a theatrical legit department that represents Broadway actors in hit shows such as Wicked, Side Show, Book of Mormon, Honeymoon in Vegas, and Pippin.  Our digital media department focuses on numerous social media project include this year’s 2014 BBRer Jingle Bells Medley, the internet hit SrirachaFood Fight, and the Do Good-er project Copy Cat Talent featuring adoptable kitten through Kitten Rescue LA!

A BBRer and Kat Thomas Dressed as an Elf (that's me!)
The My Gym Challenged America Foundation (MGCA) is committed to providing assistance and support to children with physical/cognitive challenges while promoting fitness and movement for children of all abilities and economic circumstances with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and fun. 

For those of you (and you know you’re reading this!) who would like to give some Holiday joy, but didn’t make it to the office, you can donate directly online:

(And if you do make sure to let us know via email or #bbrchipotlechallenge to your socials so we make sure thank you!!!)

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