Thursday, December 4, 2014

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #1 – Healthy Beauty

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #1 – Healthy Beauty

Every girl wants to look beauty, but no one out there wants yucky chemicals and other gunk that harms the body transdermally!   Earlier this year Kat’s Burlesque YouTube Channel Workin' The Tease interviewed Dr. Jen of Atomic Cosmetics and it an eye opening introduction into the world of how harmful the world of makeup could be!

So with this in mind, our first day of the Edible Skinny’s Spread the Warmth Gift Ideas celebrates companies that are paving the way with healthy beauty products while still making a girl Sparkle!!! 

Most major cosmetics brands contain chemicals hazardous to the health of your skin and body.  People often have no idea that they’ve likely been using toxic cosmetics products every day for years.  These chemicals enter skin cells readily and stay in your body for decades.  It is possible for damage to appear at any time, but it will be a cumulative response to prolonged exposure.  The good news is you don’t need to poison yourself to look glamorous, and as Atomic Founder founder Dr. Jen says, “Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean everything needs to be in f**king earth tones!”

This is an amazing makeup remover that can handle anything!!!  They make it with non-comedogenic jojoba butter, which won’t clog pores while dissolving every last bit of your heaviest makeup (including waterproof). Massage on and wipe off with a tissue or face towel. Leaves your skin makeup-free and lightly moisturized.

Atomic Cosmetics offers a variety of lipstick colors with fun names like Date Bait and F*** You I’m Pink.  But sometimes its hard to leave a lip color you’ve had a long term relationship with, even if its horrible for your body.  So with Atomic Cosmetics you can trade it in!   Mail it to their hometown of Seattle and Dr. Jen with send you back the matching color, in a non-toxic, longer-lasting version that you’ll absolutely Love.

The healthy fragrance company Pacifica is reinvented themselves earlier this year with a selection of new skincare and makeup products available at Target.  Their collections are coconut water-based which acts as a skin balancer while soothing and softening; an ingredient creates a creamy, crease-free formula that supports long wear.  Two of our favorite products from their line were the:

This under eye cream brightens while being super smooth so it doesn’t looked painted on!  Its hydrating liquid coverage leaves skin looking energized, radiant and wide awake.  Reflective, brightening minerals and natural beneficials minimize dark lines and dark circles.  Boom!!!

Smooth is the best word to describe these rich long lasting creaseless eye shadows that are infused with coconut water for a velvety, cream-like finish.  These four highly pigmented mineral satin makeup and iridescent shades are specially curated and designed to brighten the eyes and make you look gorgeous and awake (after a long night of Holiday parties!!!).   Shades include Urchin (Purple), Golden (Gold), Coral Sand (Pinky), and Skinny Dip (Buff).

Sparkle, Shine, and Be Healthy!

Here’s To Life Being Delicious!

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