Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sipping Some Pavan @ Laurel Hardware!

So if you follow Edible Skinny on social media (and you should Twitter: @edibleskinny Instagram: @edibleskinny) you've seen lots of pics from the Pavan Liqueur event we attended earlier this week at Laurel Hardware. 

Pavan Liqueur was created a few years ago in response to the highly popular St. Germain (who had received the nickname "Bartender's Ketchup" as it could add a little sparkle to an otherwise uninspired drink). 

Crafted in the renowned AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlee) region of Frontignan (the second region in France to get that designation), where vineyards are surrounded by seaside air and gentle hills.  Pavan Liqueur's flavor of choice is orange blossoms (versus St. Germain's elderflower), giving it the taste of a summer Mediterranean bouquet.  Composed of a mix of Muscato Eau de Vie and the juice of white muscat grapes, the liqueur is then aged in oak casks for 1-2 years after which orange blossom water and sugar are added to craft the perfect South of France drink!

Throughout the night as we dined under the stars of Laurel Hardware's outdoor patio, we sampled Pavan mixed with sparkling water (a Pavan Piscine, as classic French drink), the autumnal El Fuego topped with Cinnamon, and on the rocks.  Pavan is the perfect liqueur of choice for a two drink cocktail; select your favorite clear liqueur (vodka, gin, or tequila) and just add Pavan for something simply glamorous! 

Pavan brands itself with the world of rooftop pools, estates with peacocks roaming (it's named after the 16th century dance of the peacock as demonstrated by the peacock sweeping through the art deco bottle), and sunning oneself on the beaches of the South of France.   

Laurel Hardware was the perfect marriage of food with drink for this cosmopolitan lifestyle.  A neighborhood eatery and bar embracing local culture (they still utilize the sign from the location's past life).  Their menu is American with global influences that focuses on local and seasonal organic produce, hormone free & free range proteins, and shared food.  Dishes we sampled during our dining experience included Sugar Cube Melon with Lemon Cucumbers, Ricotta, & Yuzu Vinaigrette and Blistered Tomatoes with Burrata, Shiso Puree, & Ume Honey.  They're famous for their pizzas, and with due right, with choices such as Eggplant with Burrata, Thai Basil, & Douche and Corn with Tallegio, Huitlacoche, & Maitake Mushroom (both were to absolutely to die for!!!)!

One of things I like about Pavan Liqueur (other than their crisp taste) is their dedication to the arts.  They have a partnership with Nouvelle Vague, the French Bossa-Nova cover band, so that their music is highly featured in all Pavan's YouTube Videos.  Pavan has also had a presence at such art and fashion dominate events such as Art Basel, Miami's Swim Week, and New York Fashion Week.  

So if you're looking for that perfect cocktail after a day of beaching, gallerying, and jet-setting Pavan is the place to be!

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