Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Adult Alcoholic Disneyland with Cocktail Theater

Photo by Jason Sorge

A few weeks ago Edible Skinny had a chance to check out Rob Floyd’s Cocktail Theatre at 41 Ocean in Santa Monica! 

Cocktail Theater is billed as an educational tasting series with “elements of the History Channel meets ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’” And with men in bedecked in chicken outfits, Margaritas finished with Grand Marnier mouse, and Ciroc Peach frozen drink that chilled to -359 F, we were not disappointed!

This once a month show is an adult alcoholic Disneyland with all the love and energy of a zany libation filled It’s a Small World Universe.  Cocktail Theater has been performed at such liquor loving LA locales as The Parlour, Bagatelle, Roosevelt Hotel, and the Umbrella Company.  Floyd has also taken Cocktail Theater on the road to the Roosevelt Hotel in Las Vegas and Boom Boom Room at Standard Hotel in New York. 

The night started with a greeting cocktail that was composed fresh macerated raspberry, champagne, champagne bitters, and a kiss of sugar.  Since the theme for the month was a “Salute to Bikinis and Beach Bums,” the next two drinks honored the birth of beach life.  The first paid homage to Brigette Bardot her infamous debut of the bikini, done with Aperol, No. 3 Gin, lemon and caramelized Chartreuse.  The second gave props to Mr. Jimmy Buffet with a classic Margarita with a sexy Grand Marnier mousse finishing it off. 

This was then followed by the dazzling Liquid nitrogen drink (which including said chicken man dancing the limbo) that was frozen at -359 F and was composed of a pineapple blackberry drink done with Ciroc Peach.

Floyd finished the night off with witty conversation (he’s from Edible Skinny’s home state!) while sipping on barrel aged Manhattan with Bulleit Bourbon Carpano Antica and a house made cinnamon bitters.

Cocktail Theater is all about entertaining and educating both near and far.  In the near future Floyd’s been scheduled for shows in Mexico City and Tokyo so if you get the chance to see him while he’s local, do it!  (The next show is August 22nd!)

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