Friday, August 22, 2014

Afterlife: Saturday (w/ Me!) and Sunday @ Angel City Brewery

Edible Skinny Editor Kat Thomas (that’s me!) will be at reading tarot cards at AFTERLIFE at Angel City Brewery on Saturday.  Produced by cARTel: AFTERLIFE is a two-day live immersive game experience that leads an audience through installations, performances and challenges that asks “Where Do You Go When You’re Gone?"  Also, it's a party!

AFTERLIFE is a participatory, immersive event (Once you've purchased your ticket, you’re asked to upload a picture of what you’d like to see flash before your eyes before you pass through to the Afterlife).  There will be challenges, and things for you to see, touch, smell, hear, and do.  The average experience will last 45 minutes, and you can stay in the party (where I’ll be reading cards!) for as long as you like afterwards. 

cARTel is stands for Collaborative Arts LA, they’re a multimedia production company creating accessible and immersive events to champion the development of exceptional artists.  The do crazy fun events like BROKECHELLA, the No BudgetFilm Festival, and Art | Party | Playground (to name a few!).

Tickets are $15 presale. $20 at the door.  So wear comfortable shoes, come prepared, and get ready to finally find out where you go after you’re gone!

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