Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day in Style with Dewar’s 18 Year Old The Vintage

Father’s Day is only a few days away and we at Edible Skinny don’t know a better way to celebrate our ’Dear Old Dad’ Tony Thomas than with a tumbler loaded with a massive ice cube and some smooth creamy Scotch Whiskey.  At the moment Edible Skinny is delighting in the spicy world of Dewar’s 18 Year Old The Vintage, a premium offering from John Dewar’s and Sons, the most awarded blended Scotch in the world.
Blended from vintage old and rate Highland, Speyside, and Lowland Single Malts and Grain Whiskies it’s the perfect thank you gift for all those year’s your Pa attended those Father/Daughter Girl Scout Dances, regardless of his inclination to dance like Baloo the Bear.

The Vintage’s flavor profile is memories of heather, tobacco, and oak with a finish that’s full of Chai tea and Curry.  One sip and Dad will be transported to the ultimate poolside family party where the tunes are always popping and the barbecue grill is always primed for dead animals. 
The Vintage is perfect neat, on the rocks, or with one of Edible Skinny’s favorite mixers by Powell & Mahoney (we are huge fans of their Lemon Sour and Ginger (that’s also delightfully spicy) blended together). 

So if you’re looking to grab that last minute gift perhaps a bottle of Dewar’s 18 Year Old The Vintage is the ultimate way to go.  It’s a bottle that’s full scotchy scotch warmness that screams thank you, thank you for introducing us to the world of… well the world. 

Here’s to life being delicious and Tony’s parties always including tunes that are always popping and a barbecue grill is always primed for dead animals!

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