Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Late Night Ramen Craving with Misoya Tomi

There’s nothing like a late night ramen craving!   A steaming bowl of noodles, veggies, and meat (for those who are into that thing...) is a perfect nightcap to a neon light night on the town.    

Luckily Edible Skinny was able to do just that with some fabulous late night 
Las Vegas noodles at the fantastically awesome Misoya Tomi.  And all we can say is we’re twitterpated with Miso there!

The ambiance of Misoya Tomi is your classic mini mall divey Ramen joint.   The restaurant is scattered with piles of Manga (Japanese comics) for those looking to get literary with their noodles.   
And the ramen!  Each bowl was served steaming with awesomeness!   The portions are ginormous.  The noodles the perfect bite of chewiness.  The broth a mouthful of memories from that one crazy night in Okinawa.

For those just evolving past the world of Top Ramen, there are a plethora of styles and varieties of miso to be dabbled with in every bowl of noodles.  At Misoya Tomi they offer three different miso bases:

  • Shiro Miso, the most common style of Miso overall.  This Kyoto style of broth which can range from light white to golden-colored and has a slight subtle sweetness.   

  • Mame Miso, made from red miso paste.  The taste is darker, saltier, and more pungent than its white counterparts.

Our table spread the gamut on ours soybean choices.  None of us were disappointed.     

And as an added bonus if you check out Misoya Tomi late night style Monday through Thursday, you can take their chopstick challenge.  Successfully move all the fake plastic beans from one plate to a bowl with chopsticks within 60 seconds and your ramen is on Misoya Tomi.

So here’s to life being delicious and the perfect noodly nightcap to a neon night on the town!

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