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Holman Ranch: The Best Organic Wines You're Not Drinking (But Can)

The integrity of a product normally hinges on the values of its creator. If a contractor rushes through the construction of a home, the whole thing could come down. If a programmer is not meticulous with code, the app might never work. The same mindset applies to wines.
Today the US is facing a decline not only in the quality of food, but our wines as well. In fact, Edible Skinny recently learned on a Bulletproof podcast that many Californian wines are not allowed to be sold in Europe because of the toxic additives deemed unsafe for European consumption. In the United States, many vineyards are using more and more additives and pesticides, as well as increasing the about of chemicals to improve taste and mask other impurities. In this day and age it is important to know what’s in your wine and how its made. Choosing an organic wine is just as important as choosing grass fed meat or organic veggies: quality food contributes to quality health.
Holman Ranch, a 400-acre, family-owned, vineyard in Carmel Valley is Edible Skinny’s favorite for high quality organic wine at an affordable price. Producing three different labels: Holman Ranch, Jarman and Will’s Fargo, Holman Ranch showcases a consistent commitment to quality- treating each individual bottle from start to finish with craft and care. Holman uses a number of green practices that allow them to operate with ethical and ecological integrity.
One of the most impressive things about Holman Ranch is that their vineyard has received a Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certification. SIP is a rigorous sustainable vineyard and wine certification with meticulous, non-negotiable requirements. Achieving this title is no easy feat. SIP standards require a commitment to standards based on science and expert input, independent verification, transparency, and absence of conflict of interest. It makes sure that vineyard practices and procedures from growing to distribution are earth friendly and non-harmful to consumer health. In short, healthier wine for healthy living.
Holman Ranch is small enough that they can control quality, but large enough that they have a variety of offerings. Producing 3,000-5,000 cases annually the winery has a number of different labels to fit any palate or preference. All of Holman Ranch labels are made with 100% estate grapes meaning everything comes from the Holman Property, including their watering source, recycled rain water, as well as their natural cooling source- underground wine caves. All Holman’s grapes are hand picked with love and care to make sure each and every part, no matter how small is of the highest quality.
Holman’s first of three labels is Holman Ranch wines. These wines follow a more European approach, and as always are earth friendly and use sustainable practices. The Holman label highlights the favorite varietals of the area, showcases the vineyard staple the Pinot grape. The Holman label hosts rich velvety Pinot Noirs as well as lighter bodied Pinot Grigio and everything in between. These wines are great for a hot summer day or a casual picnic. An Edible Skinny favorite from the Holman Label is their Brix, a white blend that is subtle and sophisticated, that has beautiful accents but won't overpower a meal.
Jarman, Holman’s higher-end label, drinks more like our traditional Californian wines. From Chardonnays to Pinot Noirs, the fruit use with this label is a little more manipulated or influenced. Many of the Jarman wines are bigger, with more Tannins and fuller bodies. The Jarman Chardonnay got two thumbs up from Edible Skinny. It had the personality of a creamy Californian chardonnay without a hint of buttery notes that don’t overpower.
Holman’s final label is named after the Holman Ranch’s newly purchased restaurant Will’s Fargo. This label, which makes a great Pinot Noir can be found at local restaurants or in lodgings like the adorable Hofsas House.
So how do our readers across the country (and globe) try Holman’s delicious wine? The best way is to join their wine club. And this isn’t just any wine club, the perks are through the roof. Members of the wine club receive the following benefits. First members received two shipments per year of 6 bottle that they can hand pick. They also receive complimentary tastings for them. and up to three guests (maximum of four people) They get exclusive access to "Wine Club Only" and new release wines as well as our Estate Olive Oil. They receive complimentary VIP tours of the Holman Ranch Vineyard and Winery, by appointment, as well as two free tickets to Holman Ranch's annual Fiesta de los Amigos, a huge party they throw every year. Lastly, they also get preferred reservation status to any wine education or hospitality event. In the past wine club members were also offered one free nights stay per year on Holman’s beautiful vineyard grounds, that play host to many parties and weddings. And that is only the wine club.
Holman Ranch does it all. There is so much more than wine. With a stunning 400-acre family-owned, property includes a fully restored historic stone hacienda, overnight guest rooms, vineyards and wine caves, olive grove, horse stables and two tasting rooms where guests can sample wines, Holman Ranch is the your one-stop shop to experience the fruits of nature and the finest Carmel Valley has to offer.
For anyone looking for not only organic wines that have bright and rich flavors without added chemicals but a winery that will treat you like family and give the perks to prove it: look no further than Holman Ranch. 
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