Thursday, September 4, 2014

Artisanal Sipping with Casa del Mar's Spirited Thursday

Tonight is the inauguration of Casa del Mar’s Spirited Thursdays from 6-9pm!  Set against the backdrop of this all-new, Michael S. Smith-designed lounge Terrazza, guests can mingle with a rotating roster of beverage professional, from winemakers and brand founders to celebrated mixologists, each showcasing a new boutique wine, beer, or spirit weekly.  Tonight’s alcoholic darling is Ilegal Mezcal (a small batch artisanal mescal made from 100% agave) featuring Mixologist Gilbert Marquez Jr. and Brand Specialist Marco A. Ramos
“Spirited Thursdays” was born out of the desire to create a novel, fun, and engaging platform in which to discover new craft spirits and beverages, with a touch of education thrown in and, of course, great company.

Participants in this month long series include Chareau, an all-natural California-crafted aloe liqueur; Art in the Age, a liqueur available in ginger, rhubarb, and sage; TequilaOcho (a tequila company that sources their agave pinas from eight (Ocho) fields exclusively owned by the company); and the aforementioned small batch Ilegal Mezcal.

Thirsty Thursday patrons are encouraged to explore a limited-time-only menu incorporating the featured wine by the glass, cocktail, or craft beer. For every specialty drink ordered (which run between $12 and $16), guests receive a free small plate to pair from Executive Chef Jason Bowlin.

Spirited Thursdays are held at Terrazza at Casa del Mar from 6-9pm.

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