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Let's Getaway: Dutch Edition Travel Product Review

 Let's Getaway: Dutch Edition Travel Product Review
By Kat Thomas and Matt Bourquardez
Recently Edible Skinny was lucky enough to spend 8 days in The Netherlands. Between the canals of Amsterdam and the windmills of the North Sea, we discovered this country far and wide. And while on our trek of this Dutch wonderland, we utilized our time as kickass reporters to test out some travel items, Welcome to: “Let's Getaway: Dutch Edition Travel Product Review.” So Cheers to exploring the globe! Or as they say in The Netherlands... Proost!

Dank je! On our way to discovering Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (aka the Kingdom of the Low Countries), we decided to learn some of the language basics. Enter online language course Babbel... the comprehensive learning system combines effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology. This isn't just about listening, interactive online courses improve your grammar through playing with your computer's microphone. Within days our vocabulary and and pronunciation skills were amped up to 11. Which was about the number of words we remembered when we got over to the Netherlands. But Hey, we said them like an authentic Hollander! ;-)

It sucks to get sick when your traveling, and unfortunately this happened to Matt on our trip... Luckily we had some Olbas Oil on hand to speed up the process of healing. Originating in Basel, Switzerland over 100 years ago, Olbas Oil is a blend of six essential oils made from healing herbs. These kickass oils are pure plant remedies (some of the nature's secret weapons in maintaining wellness). Olbas contains essential oils of peppermint (aromatic stimulant), eucalyptus (promotes oxygen absorption), cajeput (sinus soothing), wintergreen (warm soothing effect when used in massage), juniper (stimulated metabolism), and clove (strong stimulating aromatic). Since Kat didn't succumb to the sniffles, we deemed this the “good stuff” to prevent and protect yourself from those common cold breeding airplanes!

Kat LIVED in Cotopaxi’s Kusa Hybrid Jacket while in chilly Amsterdam... And not just because it’s made with llama-fleece (cause who doesn’t LOVE some llama LOVE...). This Hybrid features some SUPER technical things like 20D ripstopnylon fabric, which is finished with a DWR to create a light, durable, water-resistant outer shell. And below this technology Cotopaxi has applied their unique llama-fleece insulation to keep you nice and warm when the mercury dips. Plus it’s a Do-Goodery company! Cotopaxi designates 2% of their revenue to help alleviate poverty around the world. Their products are guaranteed to last 61 years, the average lifespan of a person living in the developing world! So stay European warm in Llama style!!!

THIS BAG WAS A LIFESAVER! The Moshi Tego Sling Messenger blends functionality with a sleek Asian minimalist design. The Tego was PERFECT for biking the streets of Amsterdam. The cross body messenger, is wearable on the left or right shoulder, features a quick-release strap for easy access, and an ActiveStrap for added stability on the move. Smart yet refined, each bag in the Tego series is constructed with concealed rear zippers for added security when we hit the streets of Europe. Crafted from a lightweight and durable fabric, this messenger bag is cut-proof and weather-resistant to keep your belongings secure and dry. Plus it's SUPER DUPER sophisticated looking making you look like you're wearing a bag from the FUTURE! ;-)

This is life hacking at its best! This lightweight collapsible water bottle can roll up to the size of an orange when your done using it! The bottle loops around your wrist for easy carry or attaches to your bag for quick access. Nomader is rated for temperatures of below 4 degrees to 248 degrees, making it safe to use for boiling water, hot beverages, and frozen margarita drinks. This space saving water bottle is perfect a post TSA filler up!!!

If your a fan of Edible Skinny, you know we are FANS of Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster®!!! So we were delighted to test drive the FaceBlaster™ while voyaging in the North Sea. The FaceBlaster™ is a completely new fascia straightening design with 3 tiny, dainty claws that employ the same benefits of the FasciaBlaster® for smaller, delicate areas. It was specifically designed for the face and can help release tension, fascial adhesions, and tightness between the smallest joints and bones in the hands, feet, and neck. So for anyone with tight necks from carrying bags (READ US) or have TMG for stressing over delayed flights (also READ US): THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!!!

Hollerback! This anti wrinkle button down has the ability for any traveler to go from Backpacker to Business Casual in 5 minutes! Ministry of Supply interviewed dozens of women to understand their clothing demands...they then went to into the laboratory and got to work. The result is their Easier Than Silk Shirt: machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, and as flexible as Kayne West's politics... ;-)

Orthotics with soul! When walking upon cobble-stoned streets, taking care of your toesies and feetsies becomes a priority! But Hallelujah, Soul Insole’s minimalist and flexible design works with your shoes, not against them. The biomechanically designed shape of the Soul Insole effectively redistributes pressure evenly across the foot to relieve pressure from the heel and forefoot. An arch booster that can be added to a full length insole or placed in any shoe. Soul Insole uses the medial wall and existing structure of the shoe to increase support to your arch (which means it will feel different in each shoes). Soul Insole prevents overpronation while training the foot to maintain proper alignment and gait, helping to relieve symptoms of Plantar Fascitis. Hip Hip Hooray for feetsies so happy they can dance the night away!!!

Never been disheveled again! The TravelWise 5 Piece Packing Cube Set is a travel essential that allows clothes to stay folded and neat when packed in their own "small drawers". These cubes have been featured on PopSugar, Marriot Traveler, and Reader's Digest and are FANTASTIC for staying organized. Constructed of lightweight, durable nylon, these multi-sized cubes compartmentalize similar items such as shirts, pants, swimsuits and electronic accessories to streamline packing. They are FAB for staying organized on both short and long trips and help travelers avoid over packing. The open mesh top makes searching for misplaced items a thing of the past. Travelwise is available in nine colors (including PINK)! Each set includes 1 small, 2 medium, and 2 large cubes to organize different sized items when traveling.

These were our GO-TO bars on this trip. Many protein bars on the market are a blend of sugar, more sugar, and artificial ingredients. Not KIND, this 12g of protein bar comes primarily from nuts such as whole peanuts, almonds, and soy. For that long train ride from Amsterdam to Eemshaven (8 hours) their Double Dark Chocolate Nut Bar was PERFECT solution to tiding us over!

Kat Thomas is the Editor in Chief of Edible Skinny, a site dedicated to making your life postcard worthy. She is also the CEO of the creative media company This Way Adventures. You can find more about both brands at

Matt Bourquardez is a Writer for Edible Skinny. He has traveled the globe and rarely sees his house.

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