Monday, August 7, 2017

Thomas Hill Organics - ES DOES PASO ROBLES

By Kelly Grace Thomas, Edible Skinny

As the farm to table movement grows in California, we have more and more restaurants focused on sustainable food and organic offerings. While the organic movement brings fresh flavors, many are never pushed to their full potential. Many health-focused restaurants keep flavors simple and sometimes safe, but not Thomas Hill Organics in Paso Robles. Thomas Hill Organics has one of the most innovative and creative menus featuring any farm to table fare. 
Thomas Hill Organics, located in the heart of downtown Paso, puts a funky spin on organics creating flirty flavors that tap dance on our palette in fresh, unexpected ways. Thomas Hill offers a dynamic menu offering a variety of imaginative dishes full of savory surprise.

Not to mention, Thomas Hill Organics decor is also a designer’s dream. Owner Debbie Thomas, has a great eye for not only food but decor. The restaurant is decorated with funky light fixtures, one of a kind art, and bright umbrellas that make every color pop. With touches of European accents it reminds us of spring picnic in the plaza meet California casual. Thomas Hill has the perfect patio to sip some wine and soak in the sunshine, all while providing regionally-produced food so fresh it tastes straight from the soil.

Edible Skinny sampled some incredible dishes but was also blown away by the exceptional service. Christine, our server, who has been with Thomas Hill for the past seven years knew the menu and wine list inside and out. Owner Debbie Thomas, shared stories of passion and inspiration.  From hostess, to server, to owner everyone at Thomas Hill Organics anticipated our needs before we even knew we had them, making for a relaxing experience full of bright flavors and foodie fun.
To begin our meal we started with a glass of the 2015 Sea Monster, Eclectic White, a Rhone White, Viognier, Riesling, Grenache Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Blend from Central Coast, CA. This is the perfect sipping wine for a light lunch on a hot day.

The Sea Monster complimented the creative blend of spices and textures in Black Lentil Tacos. It would be selling this appetizer short not say these were the most delicious vegetarian tacos Edible Skinny has ever had. Made from Carrot purée, candied jalapenos, cashews, pickled watermelons, cilantro, coconut this was Bombay meets Nantucket summer vacation. Really complex in Indian sweetness, but also traditional in the New England summer flavors often selected. They were savory enough to satisfy but not too heavy to fill us up.  And we want to go back just talking about them.
For entrees Kat had the Goat Cheese Sandwich. A picnic perfect combo of strawberries, pistachio, balsamic reduction, arugula, toasted whole grain bread. This combo, another perfect vegetarian dish, was creamy and light, with sweet hints of fruit contrasted by the tang of balsamic. Thomas Hill Organic is a master of combining flavors for a full palate of taste. 
Kelly, a seafood junkie loved, the Smoked Salmon Sandwich. Made with macerated onion, avocado, blonde frisee, sriracha aioli, on wheat toast. The salmon, sliced and served cold, was a perfect hearty (but cold) hot weather sandwich rounded by the flavor of chipotle zest. 
While we were too full for dessert we are positive that Thomas Hill’s we are certain that their olive oil cake  with olea lemon verbina olive oil, seasonal preserve as well as their pumpkin bread pudding with pepita brittle, crème anglaise, caramel are out of this world.

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