Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This is How to Roast Vegas: Sambalatte

As Edible Skinny has been spending a good amount of time in Vegas these days we thought it was time to intro our fans to the world of Sambalatte, a locally owned non corporate coffee shop with three locations city wide (including one on the Strip at the Monte Carlo for out of towners!).

Here you’ll expresso yourself with caffeine concoctions (a statement the tip jar advertises in case you forget…) made by the world’s most advanced brewing technology in action: the Steampunk Coffee Machine. 

Manufactured by Alpha Dominiche (which means “first of its kind”), a coffee engineering company out of Salt Lake City, the Steampunk Coffee Machine is a glass pipe organ coffee chemistry.  It’s a technological stylistic remix of a Siphon brewer, which is quite popular in Japan.  The Steampunk maintains heated water in contact with grounds in an upper chamber, and then extracts through a filter by drawing water quickly down into a chamber below using a vacuum of air.  This monster machine is fed beans grown by from small and sustainable farmers from Brazil and around the globe that are then roasted weekly by a local artisan roaster. 
Caffeine options include the now ubiquitous Lavender Latte, a truly exceptional Nutella Latte (it’s not too sweet, the perfect whisper of hazelnut-ty goodness), and a Cortado that everyone raves about (but I haven’t sampled yet…).   My new favorite delight is their Red Rock Latte; a blend of Hazelnut, Cinnamon, and Honey.  It tastes like the softness of newly fallen snow.    

So if you’re looking for the ultimate coffee experience, an oasis from the craziness that is Las Vegas, check out the world of savoring with Steampunk perfection at Sambalatte. 

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