Friday, April 22, 2016

A Cup of Joe at the Center of the Universe with Freemont Coffee Company

Pin-Ups on Tour's Caitlin Comeskey

Edible Skinny was lucky enough to be Seattle a few months ago while performing with the amazing Pin-Ups on Tour and while there we were able to experience local coffee roaster the Freemont Coffee Company.

Freemont is Seattle’s funky, creative district where your inner child, communist or troll (living under the Aurora Bridge in this neighborhood) comes out to play.  So it’s only fitting the Freemont Coffee Company would embody the rouge unconventionality that this city embraces in totality.

In case you weren’t aware, Freemont is known to be a special geophysical local.  The locals will tell you, “Stay long enough and you’ll notice an odd gravitational pull.  It’s an inability to stay away, the overwhelming urge to return again and again.”  So in 1991 at a local bar, some Fremont Scientists determined the Center of the Universe to be at the intersection of N Fremont Ave and 35th St N, with the reasoning that this local can neither be proven, nor disproven. 

Suffice to say there was alcohol involved with this conclusion... 

After much politicking, cajoling the group was able to convince the Metropolitan King County Council of this truth and the group were able to officially name the Center of the Known Universe Fremont.  The official proclamation noted: Freemont is a State of Mind, no a foreign nation but an ImagiNation based on the freedom to dream.

So it’s totally fitting that the Freemont Coffee Company is everything but a corporate Starbucks.  Since opening in 2003, Freemont Coffee Company artisan-roasted, Fair Trade and organic coffees have become a local staple for those sipping-in or to-going out.  Housed in a historical home and decorated with macabre knickknacks such as bronze skulls and Bastets (the Egyptian Cat God statues) it’s just the right amount of funky.  
This shop is the one of a kind coffee joint where you can spend (or waste) an entire day.  Dogs abound, comfy chairs, and a wraparound porch that is perfect for counting raindrops, snowflakes, or those precious 58 days of sun that Seattle gets per year.

Freemont’s coffee mantra: Complex passion.  Simple approach.  The company meticulously curates each bean individually, roasts them attentively, and blends intelligently.   The results are coffees with distinct flavors reflecting their origin along with the company’s distinctive personality. Their skeleton inspired Boneshaker House Blend will perk you up to the point where you’ll want to shake, rattle, and roll the night away.  As an added bonus your guilt free conscious Joe is always served with a side of clever (one of my favorites was a sign declaring “Keep Calm and Pumpkin Spice Everything.”). 

So for the perfect bone shaking cup of coffee at the Center of the Universe, check out Freemont Coffee Company.

Here’s to life being delicious and to today being one of those 58 Seattle days of sun!   

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