Saturday, September 26, 2015

P.o.p. Candy's Rum y Vanilla

Edible Skinny was at the Mar Vista Farmers Market last weekend and ran into everyone’s favorite all natural toffee maven: Rachel Flores of p.o.p. candy. 

ES has been in LOVE with p.o.p. candy since we met this all natural corn syrup free toffee made from scratch in small batches a few years ago!

While at the farmers market Rachel let us sample some of p.o.p candy’s newest flavor: Rum y Vanilla; and all I can say is Delicioso!
This recently created flavor, by an accident by the way, is now one of p.o.p. candy’s most popular flavors.  Made with Mexican vanilla, cashew and pecans, natural rum extract, it’s finished off with Maldon sea salt for absolute candy perfection.  

And if alcohol laced sweets isn’t in your bag of tricks, we will always recommend p.o.p. candy’s farmers market rosemary toffee.   This savory sweet flavor is a kapow of fresh herbs and buttery sweet goodness.  

Here’s to life being delicious and to the best sweetness happening by accident! ;-) 

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