Saturday, January 24, 2015

Edible Skinny Does Sundance 2015!!!

Edible Skinny is Park City, Utah for Sundance 2015 (in our opinion one of the most magical places on Earth… you never know when you’ll end up in Tutu on Main Street)!!!

And everywhere we go there’s food and luxury branding! 

So far we’ve check out the Chobani Park City cafe at 268 Main St, inside Sundance TV HQ, a Chobani Creation pop-up bar that includes delicious sweet & savory creations and hot La Colombe Coffee (with a custom Chobani blend). 

Chobani estimates it will distribute more than 4,800 sample creations each day, both sweet and savory, as well as a number of other Chobani-related foods such as soups, pastries and even Greek Yogurt Truffle & Parma Popcorn.  Our favorites were the decadent (yet healthy) dark chocolate and hazelnut yogurt and their Chobani yogurt oatmeal cookie sandwich.  Both a different take on how to use this powerhouse Greek yogurt!  

Edible Skinny also got to savory the magical experience known as High West Distillery!!!

High West distills amazing and awesome craft whiskey and spirits.  Their Park City restaurant offers a unique experience as the world’s only ski-in distillery and gastro-saloon. 

The waiting line to get a drink at the bar and then take it outside (yes you read that right… to get a drink at the bar and then take it outside) was 20 minutes but when I finally got to that first sip of their take on a Manhattan (using their spectacular Campfire Whiskey and totally out of season blueberries) while sitting standing next to their hand crafted camera ice sculpture donned ice bar it was worth it! 
High West Distillery crafts spirits for people who want great taste and appreciate quality ingredients, small batches, and the owner’s personal touch.  They use the best local, mountain ingredients and distill in a traditional copper pot still.  Their Campfire Whiskey is the world’s only (and possibly first) blend of Scotch, bourbon and rye whiskeys (and its fantastic!!!).

High West is totally bought for most of Sundance 2015 but if you can get on the wait list to get a drink at the bar and then take it outside do it!!!

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