Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Viva the Rooster Sauce: the 2nd Annual LA Sriracha Festival

If I was a Sriracha bottle...
Disarrono Sweet and Sour

Last week, hordes of Rooster Sauce Lovers danced, drank, and dined in the historic Chinatown plaza while consuming copious amount of Sriracha at LA 2nd Annual Sriracha Festival and Edible Skinny was lucky to be among the attendees! 

Hosted by Sriracha guru Randy Clemens of the Sriracha Cookbook and Joshua Lurie of Food GPS, these two created an event where guests could enjoy a variety of Sriracha-themed dishes, including desserts, at their own pace.  All the while enjoying all-inclusive local craft beer, Sriracha based cocktails, and sodas. 

Our first stop was my favorite alcoholic beverage of the event: Disarrono Sweet and Sour by Jason Bran with Disarrono Amaretto, Mango, Lemon, & Sriracha LA Sriracha Fest.  This drink
Crawfish Mac ‘n Cheese with Spicy House Andouille Sausage
walked perfectly the tightrope of refreshing and sweet on a hot October day!
Deviled Eggs, Chicken Skin Crumble and Sriracha Caramel

My guest’s favorite dish was the Sriracha Crawfish Mac ‘n Cheese with Spicy House Andouille Sausage by Marcus Christiana-Beniger of TheLittle Jewel of New Orleans.  The next day she told me her mouth still watered thinking about it! 

Crispy Yucca
Other notable dishes included the Sriracha Deviled Eggs, Chicken Skin Crumble and Sriracha Caramel by Chef Mei Lin and the Salad of Sriracha Braised Pumpkin with Yogurt Sauce and Green Sriracha by Mud Hen Tavern.

Joshua and Randy
Since I’m a Veggie, my choices are usually limited, but luckily since one of the creators is also a Veg there were lots of fun options! My favorite was the Crispy Yucca by Philip Frankland Lee of The Garadene Swine.   This dish was perfect (and was the only nibble I grabbed multiples of)!

The Garadene Swine's Crispy Yucca paired fabulously with Phoracha Soda comprised of Lime, Basil, Anise, Cinnamon, Plus, and Sriracha inspired Vietnam’s Famous Pho Noodle Soup created by  Los Angeles Ale WorksRight now they’re only creating this soda for festival events, but hear’s to hoping it will make to a fountain near you soon!

On the sweeter side, the Holy Petit S’mores was pretty amazing.  Crafted by Kristine de la Cruz of Creme Caramel L.A, this dish consisted of a Sriracha marshmallow layered on a fudgy dark chocolate brownie, dipped in white chocolate, rolled in graham cracker and topped with Sriracha honeycomb dust.  Whoa-ly decadence!

Holy Petit S’mores
Another standout were the Sriracha Apple Crumble Pie and Whole Wheat Sriracha Black Bottom Meyer Lemon Custard Pie by Rose Lawrence of Red Bread (when do they ever make a bad dish?).  

So there you have it Sriracha from start to finish!  

Viva the Rooster Sauce!

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