Saturday, December 7, 2013

Spread the Warmth Gift Idea #1: Sorella: Recipes, Cocktails & True Stories From Our New York Restaurant

Living a delicious life is more than the just ingredients; it's knowing how to pair each element perfectly together. This holiday season the Edible Skinny wants to spread the warmth (and secrets) of New York foodie goddesses, Emma Hearst and Sarah Krathen and their delectable lifestyle. 

These culinary beauties recently made their cookbook debut with Sorella: Recipes, Cocktails & True Stories From Our New York Restaurant. As the perfect holiday companion, Sorella features over 100 recipes adapted from the restaurant’s Piemontese Italian menu, guided by the narrative of how Emma and Sarah went from culinary school friends to budding business partners, driven by a shared dream of opening a restaurant.
“Sorella,”which means sister in Italian, is a tribute to the deep bond created between friends when they create something delicious together. These foodie femmes, known for their feisty Northern Italian fare, fetching good looks and family-style spirit, make eating (and cooking) well, look elegant and effortless. Besides the book being coffee table centerpiece with “full-color photographs, visual vignettes and unforgettable anecdotes,” it also offers insider secretes on how to recreate Sorella’s old-world glamour, taste by taste, in your very own home. 
From the passed down wisdom of grandmothers to a starring role on Iron Chef, this cookbook shows living a flavorful life takes courage and creativity. With a focus on hospitality, through recipe and renditions, Sorella gives chefs the tool they need to make every meal more beautiful from the next.  

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