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Supperclub The Restaurant Los Angeles: A Delicious Get Away

Supperclub The Restaurant Los Angeles: A Delicious Get Away 

By Kelly Grace Thomas
At supperclub The Restaurant Los Angeles, talent takes the main stage. With delicious food and mouth-dropping entertainment, nothing that supperclub does is ordinary. From gorgeous bikini-clad women crawling out of corners, to acrobatic artists hanging thirty feet from the ceiling, to steak so tender that you can cut it with a butter knife, this dining experience is the perfect cocktail of unique and elegant.
Throughout the evening, patrons are served four mouth-watering courses while watching a choreographed show where talented dancers’ and gymnasts’ twists and turns shock and stun the audience, all the while the culinary staff is hard at work to create a menu of perfect pairings. In the kitchen, hands rush to plate entrées add the finishing touches, and move effortlessly from one course to another as they cook in a large, open-air kitchen, center stage for everyone to see.

The kitchen is headed by Executive Chef Guus Wickenhagen who joined supperclub The Restaurant Amsterdam to pursue his interest in contemporary global cuisine, eventually rising to the position of Executive Chef and helping cement the restaurant’s reputation for innovative menus. This culinary pedigree inspires startling presentations designed to surprise the eye and delight the palate. Wickenhagen opened the San Francisco supperclub dinner business before moving on to the Los Angeles flagship. And while the food is fabulous, supperclub offers so much more.
Supperclub The Restaurant Los Angeles takes luxury to a whole new level, this isn’t just dinner, it is a dining experience like no other, it transports patrons to another world, as beauties dance with snakes and goddesses swing from a hoop suspended in the air, making it all look like one effortless, poetic movement. 
This international establishment with locations in Amsterdam, London, and many other cities across the world changes both their menu and shows monthly to showcase the personality and produce of the changing seasons.
On November 9, the Edible Skinny was invited to come sample supperclub The Restaurant Los Angeles’ new November menu.  With delectable delights and aerial acrobatics, supperclub The Restaurant LA was, and always promises to be, an unforgettable experience from start to finish.
As guests arrive at supperclub, located in the historic Hollywood Vogue Theatre the lit up marquee is the first hint that you are in for a show. As patrons slowly trickle in, the hostess hands them their table assignment for the only seating of the night. With ticket in hand and surprises in store, guests walk into a world of wonder. 
With any entrance into extravagance, guests need a proper introduction. On this particular Saturday night, supperclub greeted us with a sake and black berry lemonade welcome shot, an obvious sign that tonight, fun was also on the menu. After our welcome shot, diners were ushered into the Bar Rouge, where they are encouraged to get a cocktail before the show begins. Within seconds, supperclub begins its first wave of surprises as our host, dressed in a campy “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter costume,” begins to dance with two other stunning beauties by her side. 
After a short intro guests are ushered into a white-on-white room, which looks more lounge than dining room. Herein lies of second surprise of the night, at supperclub, you don’t eat at tables, you enjoy your food as you lounge on a large white bed. Soon the lights dim and the music cues, and the main act is revealed: a rising curtain shows the kitchen preparing our first course.
Since supperclub provides only one seating per night, every diner receives the same course at the same time, meaning good timing is imperative, and supperclub is nothing short of impeccable. There is always something to nibble on, entertain, or watch.
Our first course was an Asian duck and shrimp salad with organic bean sprouts, shaved cabbage, fresh spring onion with a soya and sesame dressing. This light first dish was the perfect way to engage your taste buds without anything too heavy or overpowering. The flavors were fresh and rich, a very difficult combination to pull off. We paired our first course with a glass of Crusher Chardonnay, with hints of cream and butter; this wine was the perfect compliment to our salad.
After the first course the lights dimmed and the music rose. Our host twirled on stage, as she invited diners to get up out of their seats and dance between courses. “I love it because you can either dance and party, or sit back and observe, and you get to eat delicious food in between,” said a first time visitor to supperclub, Meg Minder. “It’s the best of both worlds.” After a catchy song or two the lights darkened and one of the many talented acts took the stage.
Most performances at supperclub dance on the edge of Avant-garde and elegant. As we watched these talented dancers swing through the air or do back bends with six foot snakes wrapped around their taut bodies, we knew it would be a challenge to find words to describe this unique experience. Supperclub The Restaurant Los Angeles and all its facets is something that must be experienced in person. As we watched three women hang from silks suspended from the ceiling, our second course arrived. This roasted butternut squash soup with goat cheese, herb oil and locally grown granny smith apples was the perfect seasonal dish. Rich and warm, our second course had layered textures of cream and tart, which provided the perfect early winter example of guiltless and organic comfort food.
While we were mesmerized as the movement of dancer and snake became one, our third course came out. While all the food at supperclub was delectable, the main course is the one we’re still thinking about today. This outstanding dish was seared beef tenderloin, with potatoes gratin, cherry tomatoes, roasted asparagus and a red wine sauce. This course was the definition of decadent, from the paper thin layers of potatoes sandwiched with cheese and cream, to the melt in your mouth beef, that can be cut with a butter knife.  This rich and hearty course would be enough to bring us back over and over again. This course was the perfect showcase of Executive Chef Guus Wickenhagen’s talent.
And just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we were served a pecan tart with vanilla and chocolate gelato and salted caramel sauce. As the perfect finishing note, we agreed that a visit to supperclub felt more like a week vacation than a two and half hour away getaway. This display of elegance and awe takes patrons to a different place, one where they are pampered and amused. 
Supperclub is the perfect place to getaway for the night and tastes all the deliciousness life has to offer. “There’s always something to see, the kitchen, the DJ, the performances. It’s like dining inside a moving experimental art exhibit,” added Minder. “And every bite is delicious.”
supperclub The Restaurant is located at 6675 Hollywood Boulevard, please call for reservations @ 323.466.1900 or visit for more info

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