Friday, September 17, 2010

Save the Date! Santa Monica Farmers Market Panel Series: Organics

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I ran into a couple of the gal's from the Santa Monica Farmers Market at Synder Diamond and LA Magazine's Up Close and Personal with Chef Neal Fraser on Tuesday night. They let me know that the next Santa Monica Farmers Market Panel Series will be on November 4th and the subject is Organics.

The details aren't posted on the SM Farmers Market website yet, but as it gets closer they'll probably announce the lineup. As I've said before, I cannot repeat enough how amazing it is that we live in a town that does these food events, and does them for free! Plus they usually have amazing foodie snacks afterward made by one of the panel chefs. (These events are first come first serve and always fill up some get there 15-20 minutes early!)

Go educate yourself!

Santa Monica Farmers Market Panel Series: Organics
November 4th · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Main Library MLK Jr. Auditorium

PS For those looking for a great organic factoid: If you're at a store and not sure if something is organic check the PLU number. If the Sticker starts with a 9 then it's Organic.

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