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Lab Tested for Purity: Specialty Curated Vino with Dry Farm Wines

Lab Tested for Purity: Specialty Curated Vino with Dry Farm Wines
By Omid Vojdani, Health & Wellness Editor, Edible Skinny 

Wine. Like most people, I hated it at first, unable to detect the subtle nuances in flavor. Notes of cherry and a hint of tobacco? More like alcohol forward rotten grape juice, right? But, with some exploration and experience, I started to be able to understand enough to know that I don't like fruity Cabs, but I do like a really dry Sauvignon Blanc (just like I like my beer).

But just like beer, there was always a problem: the inevitable sluggishness the next day. Someone once told me that drinking was akin to borrowing happiness from the next day; the more you drink, the more 'unhappy' you are the next morning. This was always a big problem for me, being a health nut. It always felt like I had to choose between health and one of my favorite vices.

Because the fact of the matter is if you want to be healthy, there's only two basic rules to follow: do less of the things that make you feel weak, and do more of the things that make you feel awesome.  The challenge is that those rules are in order. You can't take supplements and undo a bad diet and no exercise. And no amount of water and activated charcoal is going to undo the inevitable hangover caused by drinking cheap wine.

Like I mentioned, this was a problem for me. Here's where the Napa based Dry Farm Wines comes in. Dry Farm Wines is a specially curated list of wines from around the world that are shipped directly to your home on a subscription basis. Todd White, the CEO, lab tests wines from around the world to make sure every bottle of wine sent out is as close to 'healthy' wine as we can get.

What makes a wine healthy? I won't list all of the criteria Todd goes for (find the whole list on their website), but things like: low alcohol and sulfites, less than 1g of sugar per liter, mold toxin free, no added chemicals to the wine making process, and of course no irrigation (dry farms, get it?). Combine wine like that with drinking low to moderate amounts, and you can enjoy your vice like me and borrow a LOT less happiness from tomorrow. How much less? Well, I put it to the test and had two bottles in the same night, and the next morning felt completely fine. Like I said, though, drink responsibly.

Why does all that lab testing and criteria matter? Well, I did some digging myself after feeling the difference, and was shocked to find just how poorly wine is regulated on the shelves in the states. Just one example: wine makers are allowed legally to add hundreds of different chemicals and other additives to the wine making process. Most of these are used in the cheaper wines to make the process faster and easier to mass produce, but the reality is this: don't be so quick to explain away a headache to too much wine, or the sulfites. There's a good chance that one or more of these additives could be causing you health problems that we feel as a hangover.

OK, healthy wine, I get it. Obvious next question: how do they taste? So far, I can safely say there is just as much variation in the taste with Dry Farm Wines as what you'd get from commercial wines at your local store. For example, one of the bottles in the box I received was a Rosé that was just unbelievable. But, there was also a bottle of a Sauvigon Blanc that I didn't care for much (didn't stop me from drinking the whole thing, just a little too sweet for my taste buds). The third bottle was a Bordeaux that I thought was pretty good, but my wife absolutely loved. To each their own, but I'm confident you'll find something you like in each box.

Now, the last point I'll make about Dry Farm Wines. This ain't your Two Buck Chuck wine, but nor is it the $500 bottle you save for a special occasion. With the subscription, the bottles will range between $15-25 each, some being less expensive and some being more. For my wife and I, we take our health quite seriously, and for us it's worth being able to enjoy a vice knowing we're following rule 1 of health.

In closing, Dry Farm Wines is curated healthy wine, lab tested and shipped to you each month, all for around $20 per bottle. This might not be for every wine drinker out there, but if you're like me and want to turn a vice into a healthy beverage, check out for more info. Now if only they could do the same thing with beer…

Omid Vojdani is a health and wellness expert with over 10 years of hands on experience focusing on injury rehabilitation, postural alignment therapy, relationship counseling, and spiritual growth. You can find more info at

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