Friday, November 23, 2018

Life is Sweet in Napa Valley with Off The Beaten Path

Life is Sweet in Napa Valley with Off The Beaten Path

By Kat Thomas, Edible Skinny

“God is in the details.”
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

After Kelly’s and my time with Nana and Danielle, our treehouse picnic lunch arrived.  It was the perfect autumn al fresco dining adventure, tailored (pun intended) by Stephanie Brown of Off The Beaten Path, a styling, planning, and catering company that focuses on the natural beauty of Napa. 

Off The Beaten Path focuses on al fresco farm-to-table dining using only locally sourced seasonally inspired product.  They celebrate quintessential wine country celebrations in nature set between the earth and sky, such as a farm, vineyard, private home, or even a mountain top. 

Kelly and my scrumptious meal included fabulous dishes such as classic charcuterie of meats, cheese, and marinated olives, a fall corn tomato salad with basil and balsamic dressing, and an amazing crunchy creamy

cucumber avocado salad (THE BEST!!!)!

Everything is locally sourced, even the flowers in the arrangements.  Chef Lori Glad is the picnic expert, even growing a lot of the ingredients used in their catering.  For picnic simplicity.  Off The Beaten Path’s offerings are primarily family style foods.  “We focus on the experience by making the meal visual and fun as well as the best food you will ever eat.  We are approachable foodies who know the importance of amazing food!”  

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  1. We hung out at this place in evening last week before heading out to our next destination. While we were at event venues Chicago here we found the service to be quick and attentive. Probably because it was early on a Friday and it was still kind of empty.