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Surf’s Up Summer Product Review: PART ONE - Let’s Hit the Beach!

Surf’s Up Summer Product Review: PART ONE - Let’s Hit the Beach! 
By Kat Thomas, Editor In Chief,  Edible Skinny

“Hold summer in your hand, pour summer in a glass, a tiny glass of course, the smallest tingling sip for children; change the season in you veins by raising glass to lip and tilting summer in.”
Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

June 21st is Officially... THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER.

The First Day of beach trips full of lifeguards, longboards, and life preservers.
The First Day of late nights sipping wine by the the pool and dancing till sunrise.  
The First Day of days that go on forever and ever!

So in honor of THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER we present Surf’s Up - Let’s Hit the Beach, our first of two Summer Product Reviews (Part Two focuses on Poolside Adventures!)  So here’s to life being delicious, all your moments being postcard worthy, and raising glass to lip and titling summer in! ;-)

Pinkly Perfect Avalon Sweatshirt ($48.00)
We’re a sucker for anything from our home state of New Jersey (Jersey Strong Baby!!!), and Pinkly Perfect’s Avalon Flamingo Sweatshirt (named for the seaside town of Avalon, NJ) fits like the piece of salt water taffy! Pinkly Perfect is a brand dedicated to living the beachlife, from their bags, to tanks, to sweatshirts, to accessories everything focuses on the toes in the sand lifestyle. The grey triblend wide neck Avalon sweatshirt is donned with a pair of pink flamingos and is perfect for throwing over you bikini when the ocean breezes pick up in the afternoon! 

Initials Inc - Bottom’s Up Lobster Tote Bag ($48.00)
For anyone who’s into LOBSTER LOVE (and there’s plenty of use that LOVE these mollusks!), the Bottom’s Up is “shore” to become your favorite beach tote!  This microfiber “Open Tote” features six open exterior pockets (as roomy as skyscraper), a top zipper closure, 14” handle drop, and an innovative reinforced mesh bottom that helps to leave the sand on the beach!  SCORE!!!  And because you’re grabbing the tote from Initials Inc, personalization is FREE!  Everyone clap those claws in applause!!!

The Handloom - Hare Turkish Towel ($39.00)
We’ve tried A LOT of towels in anticipation of summer, but this was our favorite!  Made of 100% Turkish Cotton, the Hare Towel is a lightweight, ultra-absorbent towel.  Full of versatility, the Hare Turkish Towel is part beach towel, part chic sarong.  Hand-loomed in Turkey, the intricate design recalls exotic nights in Istanbul.   

nICE Coolers Tumbler with Straw ($9.99)
In the summer (and in the winter according to Jimmy Buffet) we need Boat Drinks, and we especially need COLD Boat Drinks.  Enter nICE Coolers Tumbler and with Metal Straws.  With a slogan of “official sponsor of having a good time,” they know what’s up! ;-)  Their Double Walled, Stainless Steel, Durable and Vacuum Sealed Tumblers allow you to keep drinks cool in style while enjoying time on the boat or the sand.  And we’re in LOVE with their metal straws, reusable they lessen our carbon footprint while allowing our Boat Drinks to stay as cool as possible before they hit our lips.  With the Tumbler by our side, we’re down to fly to “Saint Somewhere,” to quote JB! 

Vyve Capri Splashpants ($64.00)
Part swimwear, part yoga pants Vyve Splashpants, work in water and on land (or even air as they look perfect for skydiving too...).  These Splashpants offer fun and versatility to every activewear wardrobe as Splashpants work both in the water and on land!  They’re the perfect option if you’re not sure if you’ll get wet or not.  Vyve Splashpant works for water aerobics, swim workouts, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, a visit to the water park or pool (as they hold up great in chlorinated water).  Plus, you can wear them commando or over your favorite swimsuit. 

myCharge Adventure Max ($48.00)
The plain and simple is we do EVERYTHING on our phones, so you ALWAYS need to make sure that it’s full of juice. myCharge Adventure Max allows you that luxury while allowing you the ability to embrace your rugged (weekend warrior) lifestyle.  Complete with a carabiner clip, this powerup is the ultimate solution to charging your devices for up to SIX times (for phones, tablets, and other USB charging devices).  And with a rigged rubberized finish it’s splash resistant, drop resistant, and dirt proof.  Just don’t throw it in the pool!
TruSelf Organics - Detoxifying Mask ($19.00)
For your inner Summer Solstice Goddess: a 100% organic, vegan, and cruelty free Detoxifying Mask from TruSelf. Listed on PETA’s directory, this mask pulls out dirt and toxins from deep within your skin.  Prolonged use will minimize the appearance of pore and wrinkles, reduce scars and discoloration, and boosts effectiveness of other skincare products.  Since it comes in powder form it’s got a great shelf life.  To activate you just dilute with warm water and “paint” on your face with their bamboo brush. So bust out your crystals, down some Braggs Vinegar, and get to masking your suntanned summer face!

Hari Mari Lakes Tan & Pink Flip Flops ($75.00)
These are the perfect nude flippers (you know the ones, the ones that go with EVERYTHING!!!). Hari Mari’s clean aesthetic, innovative design, and “ahhh”-inducing feel are driven by a steadfast dedication to simplicity.  Plus they’re sooooooo COMFY!!!  Made with Full Grain Leather their Lakes Flippers pair perfectly with an itsy bitsy bikini or a $300 sundress.  Plus, beyond making a premium flip flop, Hari Mari is a proud committed partner in supporting kids battling pediatric cancer, donating 1% of sales on every flip flop purchased to help pay for hospital costs and medicine for children receiving treatment.  They call it "Flops Fighting Cancer"; we call it AWESOMENESS!!!

Kat Thomas is the Editor in Chief of Edible Skinny, a site dedicated to making your life postcard worthy. She is also the CEO of the creative media company This Way Adventures. You can find more about both brands at

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