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Must Have Items for Flinging Into Fall

Photo by Julia Reed Nichols, Pin-Ups On Tour
Must Have Items for Flinging Into Fall
By Kat Thomas, Edible Skinny

Hello Autumn!!!  Here at Edible Skinny we’re ready for the Fall Festivities to start!  Hello to Kids Back in School, Football Mums, and Starbucks adding Pumpkin to everything on their menu!  So with that in mind we’ve created a list of “Must Have Items for Flinging into Fall”!  Below are some recommendations to make you September, October, and November Fall Fantastic!

Must Have For Flawless Harvest Makeup - MODA Prismatic Makeup Brushes
We all want that flawless skin that looks like it’s from a 1940s film noir, and with MODA’s Prismatic 4 set makeup brushes you finally have the ability to create such a fantastic illusion.  Everything to craft that perfect impression!  

These rainbow decorated dense, ultra-soft brushes apply and blend cream and liquid makeup with minimal absorption, leaving more makeup for application. The set’s unique bristle heads are designed to fit the contours of your face for optimal blending.  The 4 pack includes a large brush for all over cream or liquid foundation application, blush/bronzer brush for application for a stunning glow, a medium contour brush to flawlessly blend under your cheekbones and jawline, and a small brush that is perfect for precisely applying concealer. 
MODA Brushes hail from parent company Royal & Langnickel, the leading paint brush company on the art market.  These professional brushes take key learnings from their heritage and apply these details to make them some of the best on the market with 36 types of brushes – 100% vegan, synthetic filaments for long-lasting use and wet/dry application, and Silk-Touch™ coated acrylic grips for durability and ease of care that are also water-resistant.  From product development to manufacturing and distribution, MODA’s vertical silo allows them to pass on an affordable price to their clients – the 4 piece runs $24.99. 

Must Have For Some Getting Over Summer Hair: Part 1 - Eleni & Chris Shampoo and Conditioner
Summer highlights absolute - Yay, super fried split ends – Nay!   So this summer has been spent questing for anything to hydrate each and every one of the hairs on the top of our head.  Enter the Scandinavian beauty company Eleni & Chris (named for mother-daughter creators) who have a mission of bringing clear water and untouched mountains and fjords to their hair and skin care products.  

With the Vegas heat frying our hair to the point of split personalities we totally digging their KeraMin ™ Strengthening Shampoo with Keratin and Cloudberry Extract to create hair that is rich in protein and moisture.  The arctic Cloudberry is related to raspberries and can withstand temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Celsius.  Cloudberry Seed Oil contains abundant amounts of Omega 6, Omega 3, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and plant sterols. These components strengthen and protect the skin, as well as reduce signs of aging.  Follow it up with their KeraMin ™ Strengthening Conditioner that helps repair, strengthens, softens and moisturizes the hair without weighing it down.  Here’s to hydrating!

Must Have For Some Getting Over Summer Hair: Part 2 - Shu Uemura: Blow Dry Beautifier BB Serum
Again, summer beach season is fantastic, the byproduct of post summer beach season hair is an absolute terror.  So discovering Shu Uemura’s Blow Dry Beautifer BB Serum is an absolute godsend.  This a multi-benefit blow-dry perfector: primes the hair fiber, moisturizes without heaviness, smooths and softens the hair, helps protect from blow dry heat, and shapes and reshapes any look.  

The product is lightweight, but still strong enough to fuse frayed ends back together (beach hair be gone!) using SRS Microwaxes: the heat reactive re-positionable microwax technology uses microscopic wax particles to melt with heat to create flexible bonds between hair fibers. The formula is rich in Ginko Biloba extract, which is known for its high resistance to external aggressions and its anti-oxidant and healing benefits.

It’s perfect for fine to medium hair, use this hair care and styling product for a flawless and effortless look with a nude effect. 
Must Have for Rocking the PTA Potluck – Addie Gundry’s Family Favorite Casserole Recipes
Do it old school at back to school dinner with AddieGundry’s Family Favorite Casserole Recipes.  
Simple and stress free, a casserole is something to be shared; something warm, rich, and worthy of a gathering on its own.  Gundry’s cookbook shows that a dish doesn’t have to be complicated to be creative, elegant, and mouth-wateringly delicious.
Gundry, known to audiences nationwide as a contestant on the 13th season of the Food Network Star, also has quite the caveat.  With a Master’s in Culinary Arts from August Escoffier in Avignon, France, experience working for chefs including Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, and Martha Stewart and winning Cutthroat Kitchen on The Food Network inn 2015.  She is the author of more than half a dozen cookbooks with her Favorite Casserole Recipes being one of her newest.

Every recipe is paired with a beautiful finished photograph that will make readers jump at the idea of casserole night.  Dishes include: Layered Ham and Cheese Croissant Casserole, Unforgettable Buffalo Chicken Casserole, John Wayne Cowboy Casserole, Zoodle Casserole, and Strawberry Icebox Casserole.  Warning results are the possible creation of something kids (and adults!) will love.

Must Have for Killing a Room, Even After You’ve Left – Vilhelm Perfume: Do Not Disturb
Make a killing in a room, even after you’ve left with this atypical floral!  Vilhelm Parfumerie’s newest scent, Do Not Disturb, was created to capture the glamorous heyday of Hollywood, recalling scenes of Marilyn Monroe and the Rat Pack drinking cocktails at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  With intoxicating notes of spicy carnation, warm clove buds, and smoky vetiver (I had to look it up, it’s a tall perennial grass found in southeastern Asia).  “The woman wearing this fragrance is definitely confident and intelligent,” says Vilhelm Parfumerie’s founder Jan Ahlgren.  “She really appreciates good quality and dares to wear something that is incredibly intoxicating and sexy.”  Do Not Disturb is exclusive to the beauty site Violet Grey.

Kat Thomas is the Editor in Chief of Edible Skinny, a site dedicated to making your life postcard worthy. She is also the CEO of the creative media company This Way Adventures. You can find more about both brands at

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