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Must Have Items For Summer Domination

Must Have Items For Summer Domination
By Kat Thomas, Edible Skinny

Hello Summer!!!  Here at Edible Skinny we’re ready for beach/pool season to start with those things called Fun and Sun!   So with that in mind we’ve created a list of “Must Have Items For Summer Domination”!  Below are some recommendations for your July/August weapon of choice, but remember with great power comes great responsibility…

To Dominate People’s Memories - Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Harlem Bloom Perfume
The sense of smell is more linked with memory than any of our senses, so make this summer memorable with a new perfume!  For something exotic check out Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Harlem Boom.  Inspired by founder John Ahlgreen’s New York backyard, Harlem Bloom is an ode to the place he calls home where resilient flowers grow on, behind, in-between, and beside buildings that have lined the streets for the past century.   With notes of Angelica Seeds, Saffron, and Violet this scent is an exotic flower in an urban jungle.   Here’s to making memories that will haunt you future ex-lovers for years to come.  Available online at and online.

To Dominate With Animal Badass-ery - MelJo JoJo Prints
It’s a jungle out there, so your walls should be decorated accordingly.  Iowa based artist MelJo JoJo has designed a literal burlesque art menagerie.   Her playfully prima  There’s Bayou Betty with a body to die for and an alligator head that will chomp away when she catches you starring at her curves.  Or the Bear Naked Lady, who’s both a naked lady and a beast worthy of battling Leonardo DiCaprio.  You can snatch up her designs at:
l prints combine classic pin-up bodies and poses with zoo animal heads.

To Dominate with that Killer Bod - Fascia Blaster
Welcome to the world of Fascia, a portion of your body you’ve probably never heard of, but effects every aspect of your health.  Fascia is the head-to-toe, fingertip-to-fingertip, inside-to-out connective tissue.  It’s the spider webbing that keeps your brain in your skull, your muscles in line, and your organs where they’re supposed to be.  And when it’s tangled you get “knots” in your body aka Cellulite.   Enter Ashley Black, who cured herself of a series of painful structural issues by healing her fascia, and in the process found a way to eliminate one of the female body’s most dreaded enemies.  

“We’re told that having cellulite means we need to reduce our body fat, when in reality, it’s caused by fascial distortions that pull down on the skin, creating those dents and divots we call cellulite. The appearance of the dimples is definitely very real, but the cause is different from what we’ve been told.”  Once you realize that “cellulite” is really fascia distortion, you realize that you can sculpt your fascia to decimate those “issue areas.  All you need to do is blast your trouble zones with the FasciaBlaster® on bare skin with oil, rubbing briskly up and down and side to side.  Be forewarned, you must be prepared for the ramifications, your body will bruise up and down as blood flow is restored in areas it had previously been blocked.  But with a body to die for at the beach this summer, what’s a dramatic bruise or two?

To Dominate with Flexibility – Gaiam Yoga Block and Strap
Daily life can be quite a hurricane at times.  Inspirational posters note we should be like palm trees in a storm since they are designed perfectly to bend when winds try to huff and puff and blow houses down.  So reapplying that metaphor back to daily life, you can allow yourself to dominate through flexibility, body flexibility that is.  Enter Gaiam’s Yoga Blocks and Straps which allow you to be more Gumby-like.  
Sure the yoga mat gets all the glory, but blocks and straps allow you to deepen your stretches and improve balance.  Blocks allow people to hold postures longer and guide proper alignment.  Straps aid in allowing you to reach places you haven’t reached before.  Both will help you become more flexible in your body, which translates to being more flexible in life in general.  Plus, it’s always cool to impress people by touching those toes!  

Kat Thomas is the Editor in Chief of Edible Skinny, a site dedicated to making your life postcard worthy.  She is also the CEO of the creative media company This Way Adventures.  You can find more about both brands at

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