Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Ultimate Coffee Jam With Philz Coffee

Phil Jaber went on a quest 25 years ago to make a really great cup of coffee.   And luckily for the coffee loving residents of Los Angeles, he was successful with the creation of his much revered Philz Coffee shops.

You see Jaber wanted to create a blend of coffee that was flavorful, complex, rich, smooth, and low in acidity.  His quest took him all over the world and after visiting thousands of coffee shops, Phil created over 30 unique blends that became the foundation of his fourteen coffee shops.  

Philz Coffee is a full service-coffee bar with two location in Los Angeles (Santa Monica and DTLA).  This means they take care of everything from grinding your beans to mixing in your cream and sugar.  Now I know it might be hard for the average micromanaging workaholic Angeleno to give up control of the blending of their coffee, but believe me going with the flow is worth it on this one!

Philz Coffee focuses on making the best drip coffee. No lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, or pre-brews for them.  Each cup is handcrafted one cup at a time by happy baristas dedicated to personalizing your experience.  While at Philz I experienced the ultimate coffee jam with their Mojito Pour Over.  And all I can say is: can life get any more delicious?   It's creamy, minty, and full of smooth caffeination.

Philz Coffee roasts their own coffee at their roasting plant in Oakland, California.   There they specialize in customized blends that range from two to as many as seven different beans from around the world.  

And with an empire that extends to San Francisco and Washington DC (along with three more locations in LA: Hollywood, Pasadena, and Huntington Beach) you can see that the world agrees to give up a little micromanaging here and there!  

Here’s to Life Being Delicious and all your coffee being Mojito Pour Overs!!!

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  1. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a great spot or place to go and attend an event while eating and trying lesser known things. Prices at event venues are very reasonable and the staff is great!