Friday, December 11, 2015

A Healthier Cup of Joe with Grass Fed Coffee

By Omid Vojdani
Edible Skinny Health & Wellness Editor

Coffee. We consume it to help us wake up, keep us up during crunch time, and share it to socialize. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, it usually tastes terrible, and we have to add sugar and other unhealthy additives to make it bearable. Yet we’re still addicted to its effects. As a health nut, I forced myself to like it black. It was just a part of life. But within a few years I found myself reaching for a second, third, and even fourth cup during the day just to stay awake.

Then I started hearing whispers of a miracle cup of coffee that promised not only a great tasting cup of joe, but also mental clarity, and a feeling of being full for hours on end. I had to try it. That miracle brew? Butter coffee.

The recipe is simple. Take a good organic coffee, add grass fed butter and medium chain triglyceride oil, and blend. Then enjoy. This changed my life. One cup in the mornings and I could finally skip breakfast guilt free. The best part? Goodbye brain fog and that 2pm slump.

Naturally, after three years of this being my morning ritual, I had to jump at the chance of reviewing Grass Fed Coffee. They were gracious enough to send me a can (yup, a can) of this premade miracle brew. They use organic, fair trade cold brewed coffee, mix in German sourced grass fed butter, a quality distilled MCT oil, and even add in organic chicory extract for a little added fiber and protein. The result is a naturally creamy and slightly sweet flavor that tastes amazing, and keeps you satiated for hours on end.

This project is still in theKickstarter phase, but early backers will receive 20-30% off the retail price of $3.99/can. This is easily comparable to the price of brewing this every morning with separate ingredients, especially when you add the time to brew and clean up (takes me roughly 20 minutes every morning).

Great taste, great effects, and great price, all in the convenience of a cold brewed and shelf stable can. Check out their Kickstarter, become a backer, and, more importantly, step into a better, healthier cup of coffee!




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  2. I like to drink a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. A delicious cup of organic coffee refresh the mind, I like your article and I hope that you will keep sharing articles like this with us.