Monday, November 23, 2015

A Whale of Good Time: Monterey Bay Whale Watch A Floating Classroom

By Kelly Grace Thomas
Monterey Bay Whale Watch is your chance to feel like part of the ocean without getting wet. Sea otters, dolphins, sea lions, whales; all of our ocean friends came out to play during Edible Skinny’s whale watching tour with Monterey Bay Whale Watch.
Monterey Bay Whale Watch is owned and operated by Nancy Black, a marine biologist who has worked with whales and dolphins in the region for over 10 years Monterey Bay Whale Watch tour puts on large emphasis on preserving this natural beauty through an experience that organically observe the wildlife in their natural setting without upsetting the natural order of things.
While some whale watching tours are a lot of squinting at distance horizon, hoping to see a splash here or there. Edible Skinny’s tour with Monterey Bay Whale Watch, was nothing but action, action, action.  It was the most sea life we have seen on any whale watching tour ever. Monterey Bay Whale Watch was well worth the experience, every moment there was a constant stream of marine life, another fin or flip coming to say hi. Check out Edible Skinny’s video on Instagram where we were surround by a pod of other 450 dolphins, laughing and playing just a few feet from our vessel. It is guaranteed to make you smile :-)
Edible Skinny also saw lots and lot of whales. We loved experiencing the lazy rolling of gray whales and the peeking tails of Humpbacks. Sometimes Monterey Bay Whale Watch patrons (unfortunately not us though) even see a Killer Whale or two, on top of all the other ocean life. During the tour we were so close, we could even smell the whale breath. Yep, there is a distinct order after whales have spewed water from the blow hole, a natural cologne, let’s call it. Edible Skinny was so close we could say, “Awww, how cool, but Eeewwwww, that smells pretty gross.” Monterey Bay is basically the hottest hang out for whales and most marine life. If we were a whale, we know that’s where we’d be.
Monterey has one of the most thriving marine ecosystems in the world thanks to its protection according to Monterey Bay Whale Watch, “Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a federally protected marine area offshore of California's central coast. Located along the central California coast, Monterey Bay contains the largest and deepest submarine canyon in North America and it's one of the few canyons that bisects the coastline so close to shore. This allows deep water species of marine mammals and seabirds to be found relatively near shore and accessible for day whale watches.”
The three hour tour, which focused just as much on education as it does experience was hosted by Greg the naturalist, who narrated about each species, their migration and mating habits, as well as the fascinating facts about the region itself.  With a touch humor and huge depths on knowledge, Edible Skinny laughed, smiled, even got sprayed a little. Plus we learned so much.  If you find yourself in Monterey, make sure to check out Monterey Bay Whale Watch, an aquatic floating classroom of experience and adventure.
As always, hope life is delicious.


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