Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fill R Up at the Northern Trust Open

Beyond all rhyme or reason Edible Skinny ended up at the Northern Trust Open at The Riveria Country Club this weekend (which is not to say anything against golf people but its just not usually in Edible Skinny's wheelhouse).

But we are so lucky we did end up at the Northern Trust Open because we were able to experience the fun gastronomy of FILL R UP Gastroenterology Garage (along with an amazingly rockin' O.A.R. concert!).  

Offering guests an interactive “gastro good time,” FILL R UP deconstructs classic dishes and reconstructs them into delectably unique TANKS. 

FILL R UP concocts specialty gourmet sandwiches and desserts assembled On Site By Skilled GASTRO MECHANICS.   
The formula in truly unique:

Savory Brioche Donut + Nitrous Foam + Torched Topping by The MECHANICS + Finishing Oil

Edible Skinny explored the world of the Sand Wedge Tank (Garlic Yogurt Foam + Torched Pan Roasted Eggplant + Chick Pea Puree + Feta + Arugula + Sesame Finishing Oil) and the Piston Pizza Tank (Mozzarella Foam + Torched Shredded Mozzarella + Tomato Basil Puree + Fresh Basil + Olive Oil + Crystalized Salt.  Both were idiosyncratic and delicious!

At the moment, FILL R UP brings its unique taste to events and pop-up locations across Los Angeles (like The Northern Trust Open), and introduces the chef-meets-mechanic concept to audience through its Gastro Garages. The chef I talked to said they were working on a brick and mortar to happen in the next year or so.  So until here's to accepting invitations to the most unlikely of events!   

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