Sunday, April 13, 2014

Best of the Fest #10: Mr. Cheese O's

Our last entry in our Best of Fest picks of the Natural Products Expo West was a favorite of Kelly’s (they would have been for me too if I didn’t avoid cheese being an “Almost Vegan”).  It's also quite fitting as we're embarking on our first Edible Skinny travel trip to Sonoma County tomorrow!!!

Mr.Cheese O's is an all-natural, crunchy, and fun O-shaped cheese snack was launched this year at Natural Foods Expo West.  This cheesy snack comes from Sonoma Creamery, an artisan cheese company based in California's wine country, that makes hormone free, 100% natural, gluten-free cheeses. 

Mr.Cheese O's handcrafted all-natural cheese and O-shaped bites contain no artificial ingredients, are gluten corn, wheat, and preservative free, use organic quinoa and other ancient grains, and contain 10-grams of protein per one-ounce bag.  They come in four indulgent varieties: Original, Cheddar, Tuscan Herb and Sweet Chili.

"As parents, how can we trust snack products that use ingredients with names we can't even pronounce?" said Sonoma Creamery's CEO, John Crean. "In a space that's dominated by not-so-good-for-you products, and being a dad myself, I'm proud that our new Mr. Cheese O's product is an extra tasty, crunchy real cheese snack with a clean label and all natural ingredients that parents can feel good about giving their kids.  And maybe saving a few for themselves, as well."

Inspired by the vibrant agricultural bounty of Sonoma County the Sonoma Creamery was founded in 1931. In the middle of the Great Depression, there was the belief in a simple concept: use the best milk and produce quality cheese.  With that in mind, Sonoma Creamery and Sonoma Jack were born.  At the core of Sonoma Creamery's success is a commitment to using the best natural ingredients, starting with rBST free (no artificial hormones) milk to produce superior cheese.  Sonoma Creamery then uses the best condiments and spices to craft its flagship Sonoma Jack brand of award winning flavored Jack cheese.

Mr. Cheese O's will be available in the deli section of national grocery and convenience store chains starting this June.

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