Thursday, February 13, 2014

Priyatnogo Appetita!

Branzino. Photo by Kat Thomas
Edible Skinny was recently invited to a Special Evening of Decadent Delights hosted by Miss Olga Valentina of

Olga Valentina, is a fashionista/film producer that has recently tapped into her culinary side with her very own cooking show & blog.  Recently starring & co producing a film with John Cusack & Nicolas Cage to being featured in Racked LA for her tremendous closet, Valentina is quite a Jill of All Trades, and is now taking her passion for cooking to a whole new level.

Olga grew up in Moscow at the end of the Soviet era when food was scarce in the grocery stores, but plentiful in gardens (at least in the summer).  With their vibrant fruits, veggies and other lively homegrown ingredients, her mom and granny brought fun, passion and adventure to the kitchen where freshness was king and fast food was never an option.  
Moet Champagne Strawberry Lemonade. Photo by Kat Thomas
Both parts of Edible Skinny (Hooray to both Thomas girls on the same coast and in the same city!) were invited to Miss Valentina's kitchen in Venice, where she diced, sauteed, and plated romantic cuisine inspired by her travels around the world.

Early in the night we imbibed such crafty cocktails as Moet Champagne Strawberry Lemonade and Fresh Berry Mojito under crystal chandeliers donned with red and white paper valentines.

 Olga Valentina. Photo by Kat Thomas
We were then introduced to a variety of appetizers including Cauliflower Soup Shots, Chicken in Butter Lettuce Cups, and Citrus Lobster Salad.  Olga noted that all of these hors d'oeuvres were chosen to be on the lighter side because "appetizers should be had before Valentine's Day coitus, while dinner could be heavier because it would be after the fun and games" (or at least the first round of fun and games).

The main course include Branzino with Green Beans and Cavatelli Bolognese with Vension.  Kelly said that the Branzino, finished with Russian Red Caviar, "delicately announced itself like a prima ballerina."  Served bone in, it tasted like "clouds of suede in your mouth it was so light." 

Olga noted that when cooking her recipes (which are available to be printed out as fancy recipe cards from her website) be sure to watch out for Barabashka!

Photo by Kat Thomas
Barabashka is a little house spirit who followed her here from Russia.  In Russian folklore, he can either be a helper or a trickster in the kitchen.  As Olga says, "I often finds him hiding my spoons and spilling my sauces!

So if your looking for some romantic ideas for tomorrow evening, or just want some suggestions on what to cook in celebration of the Russian Olympic Games, Olga and awaits.

Priyatnogo appetita (aka Bon Appetit!)!

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