Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to The Edible Skinny!

Here’s the deal. I know a little bit about food.

Among other things I’ve been: a childhood baker (EasyBake, toaster oven, and, when I was old enough, conventional), a dishwasher, a line cook, a sauté chef, a personal chef, a food critic, an owner of a meal delivery service for specialized diets (allergies, pregnancies, athletes), a caterer, a server (read: waitress), and an amateur gardener.

That being said, I definitely feel I can learn more. Hey we all can.
\ed-i-ble\ Fit to be eaten, especially by humans.
The Skinny
\ the ’ski-ne \ Inside information.
So what is The Edible Skinny? Actually I think it might be easier to say first what it won’t be. What

The Edible Skinny won’t be is restaurant reviews and rants; there are too many blogs out there that do that already. Yes, Yelp and all the others have their place, but not on this blog.

That being said, what is it? The Edible Skinny is going to be a little bit of everything… because, simply, that’s what I’m interested in. It will be part examination, part exploration. Call it a hodgepodge: Farmer’s Market research, cooking techniques, how to information, investigative searches, and anything else that might intrigue me.

I’m out to explore a little bit more on what we put in our mouth: where it starts, where does it travels to, how it’s prepared, where it ends up, and, most importantly, the philosophies behind it. These little things make up the big picture of people and our relationships to food.

So in the end, I think it’s best to consider this an adventure story. And like all adventure stories we will explore both the everyday and the exotic. And somewhere along the way we’ll, hopefully, learn something about food, ourselves, and the relationship between the two.


Explore. Think. Eat
The Edible Skinny

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