Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LA Food and Wine Festival

The Second Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival was this weekend and I was lucky enough to attend Saturday's Lexus Grand Tasting. With 300 wines from 200 of the world's most prestigious wineries it was quite the imbibing event, but not in the standard way. Usually at these events the Reds are the showstoppers, but this year with sweltering heat anything cold was the star of the show (for a wine event the line for a glass of Stella Artois was ridiculous ).

Some of the alcoholic highlights where:
LA Food & Wine - 7 Grand
The guys are over at 7 Grand shaking some Mint Juleps, Knob Creek, simple syrup, a sizable spring of mint, and an ice cube that crowded the entire glass.

Hitting every single Bubbly available including Champagne Delamotte, Champagne Lanson, and Champagne Perrier Jouet.

JUSTIN Isosceles. Yes it was Red, and yes it was sweltering, but it was totally worth it, it's JUSTIN.
LA Food & Wine - Border Grill
Along with the booze, 30 Celebrity Chefs will showcase their culinary skills and provide delicious and decadent tasting samples of their cuisine. The pickings were a little sparse for the Vegetarian/Vegan crowd (I get it, if you're spending $150 on a ticket you expect some meat) but the Susan Feniger was there for the non-face eating crowd. Her Border Grill offered a Summer Bean Salad Tostadita with Cilantro Aioli, Avocado, Fresh Origins Micro Verdolaga (it also came with Heirloom Bacon but they made my sans for Veggie style).

LA Food & Wine - Knork

All the flatware for the event was proved by Knork, a Kansas based company, that trying to revolutionize our food utensils. A combination fork, knife, and spoon (but in a fancy way so please do not mention a Spork around them) it's got a fingertip platform, beveled outer tines and a heavier, balanced design that allows you to cut food more easily.

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