Label GMOs

No matter who you are or where you’re from, you have the right to know what’s in your food, especially when it comes to GMOs. (Genetically Modified Organisms).
Currently, food companies are not required to label foods that contain GMOs even though 80% of foods in U.S. grocery stores are made with GMO ingredients. GMOS are labeled in other countries, just not in the US of A.

And why should you care if nasty GMOs are in your food? • GMOs are in 75% of processed food in grocery stores. You eat them everyday. • GMOs can create serious allergic reactions. • GMOs require heavy use of toxic herbicides. • GMO corn makes its own pesticides within the plant – remains in your food. • GMO cross pollinate… organic crops are being contaminated.

Label GMOs has until April 22nd to get 800,000 signatures to get this on the 2012 California Ballot. Because this is a California Ballot Initiative, in-person, physical signatures are required (signatures can’t be gathered online).

So if you see some looking for your John Handcock sign with the passion of knowing you’re helping create accountability in our food system (and have us catch up with the rest of the world).
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